Dr. Eric Forsthoefel Emergency Medicine

For nearly ten years, Dr. Eric Forsthoefel has been practicing Emergency Medicine in Tallahassee, Florida. He is board certified and meets the national requirements expected of physicians to practice in this specialty. He is affiliated with Tallahassee Memorial Hospital where he practices Emergency Medicine with 26 other physicians. His areas of expertise are emergent injuries, accidents and trauma. Dr. Forsthoefel, along with the other physicians in the Emergency Department, are responsible for determining the level of care each patient requires from the moment contact is initiated with him or her. Moreover, they are expected to address emergent injuries that range from job-related mishaps to motor vehicle accidents, from athletic injuries to those sustained – deemed to be more encompassing. Emergency Medicine physicians remove or stabilize trauma that accompanies many associated patient injuries.

Dr. Forsthoefel and his colleagues make diagnosis of patient conditions after initial consultation, vitals, laboratory tests and further scans that may be needful. The physician reviews the findings and determines if continued care would best be handled in hospital or to what extent on an outpatient basis, albeit a personal physician visit or over-the-counter medication and personal care/attention alone. Discussion is held concerning findings and conclusions with the patient and any significant others who may be affected by this situation. The plan is then put in motion based on the mutual decision of all concerned.

Dr. Forsthoefel received his medical education and completed his medical residency at the University of Louisiana. This too would have prepared him for his current role as an Emergency Medicine physician with a combination of classroom hours and required practicum and testing for medical certification.

Dr. Forsthoefel has addressed patients with cardiac conditions, lacerations, respiratory ailments, extremity sprains, and more. He accepts insurance from providers including Aetna and First Health. For further information, contact by phone:

(800) 431-0779.


Sean Penn Diverts From Movies To Novelist with Bob Honey Who Just Do Stuff

Sean Penn has been a theater man as a writer, actor, director and producer. He has won a couple of best Actor Academic awards. He has been able to host righteous opinions and worked on war correspondent. In recent time, Penn has tossed aside the acting work which he was known best for and that has established him. He has decided to become a novelist starting with his released novel talking about Bob Honey Who Just Do Stuff, a guy who does stuff. The novel is extremely garrulous and blisteringly funny. In an Interview, Sean Penny talked about the diversion of his career.


He talks about why he decided to write a book instead of writing a screenplay. He talked about it as the right time to do recognize that when he was with others, he didn’t enjoy playing anymore. What was running in his mind is to do something free where he didn’t depend on the creativity of others or getting financial backing. It came a time in his career and he felt worn down because of the peoples personalities and the burden is expected for. In writing, you have to finish something and the publisher decides if they want to get into it with you, but they first see what you got. This is not something that you are giving them theoretically.


The book is something you will love to read. When reading it, you will need to read it in segments because as you read, the book will leave you having that baffled feeling and sometimes become reflective. Starting with the main characters stories, and the book’s content the way they have been organized you will not be predicting anything. The book is a poetry mix, ranting and even stories relating to fictional characters. In the original of the book, it was just a short audiobook that he had narrated and later released it in 2016.


He later expanded that audio so that he could include a broad perspective relating to modern social issues and in addition of detailed stories. In case you are among the people who love cult classic, then this is the book for you. You will come to discover the relevant truths that are in the society today.


Adam Milstein Recently Posted On The Jerusalem Post About Israel’s 70th Birthday

Though inactive today, the Jewish Agency was once an international coalition of Jewish people that sought to organize followers of the religion and members of the Jewish ethnic group around the world. In 1948 – specifically, on May 14, Mr. David Ben-Gurion formally formed the State of Israel. That same day, the now-former, then-current United States President Harry Truman formally recognized the State of Israel as a tried-and-true nation.

Adam Milstein is a Jewish man that was born in Israel just four years after it was founded. He is widely known for several accomplishments, including being a co-founder of the Israeli-American Council – he’s the chairman of its board of directors, currently – one-half of the foundership behind the Adam and Gila Milstein Family Foundation, and managing partner of the popular real estate investment firm Hager Pacific Properties, among several other accomplishments of note.

Mr. Milstein even was a part of the Israel Defense Forces as part of his mandatory two-year service to the State of Israel’s official army. During his last year of service, he was required to put his life on the line as part of the Yom Kippur War in 1973.

The Jerusalem Post was happy to have Mr. Adam Milstein contribute in the past month

On May 9, 2018, Adam Milstein made a lengthy post regarding the then-upcoming 70th birthday of the State of Israel. A well-known supporter of the independence of the State of Israel from the Palestinian Authority, Hamas, and all Palestinians – a controversial stance in itself, depending on who one talks to about the issue – Mr. Adam Milstein made clear the long-standing relationship between the United States of America and the State of Israel.

He claimed that the May 14, 2018, 70th birthday of Israel “brought a surge of pride across America was we #Celebrate70,” the latter-most phrase referring to how countless supporters of Israel’s independence referenced the quasi-ethnostate’s birthday across social media and other digital media.

Mr. Adam Milstein shared that there were more than 15 Celebrate Israel Festivals across the United States, as well as celebrations at colleges across the nation – and even the United States Congress.


All You May Need to Know about GreenSky Credit

GreenSky Credit was founded in the year 2006. Its core founder is David Zalik and still the current CEO. It’s among the leading organisations in America. It’s located in Atlanta, Georgia. GreenSky Company is a mobile app organization. It offers its technical services to consumers and banks in preparation for making loans. Consumers who come to access these loans from the banks utilize the cash for healthcare, solar solutions and other home improvement services. All financial programs for the company are not self-provided. They are financed by federally-insured and state-chartered financial institutions. The company has been able to offer its services in the most reliable means, earning the trust of most consumers and institutions.

The company is not well known as compared to other financial creditors. This is because it doesn’t make loans from its capital. GreenSky Credit acts as a middleman. For the past years, the organization has been able to transact over $8 billion. So far the company has managed to penetrate the financial market successfully. It has been able to partner with several banks like SunTrust bank and Regionals Financial corporate. The Total number of the banks that GreenSky credit has been able to partner with is 14. However, the firm is aiming to partner with more banks in the future. All GreenSky credit esteemed consumers include retailers and merchants. Banks have been able to make loans to these consumers through GreenSky corporate. Recently, individual contractors have also been able to join the corporate. In the past, most of them were not aware of what the corporate was offering.

The retailers that the company works with deal with home improvement items. These include roofing items, window replacement and aluminum siding. The company had also thought of expanding its services to accommodate all medical personnel like nurses, doctors and veterinary officers. GreenSky Credit uses credit cards when giving out loans. This is to enable them to focus and monitor how the consumer is spending and investing. They offer this service through fixed terms where consumers face a fixed-interest-rate payback. The company is growing. It’s now aiming to handle $ 1 trillion.



Dick DeVos Article Recap

Have you seen the news in Washington? There’s a new DeVos working in the political arena. As US Education Secretary Betsy DeVos sweeps the country, her husband will now join the Management Advisory Council for the Federal Aviation Administration. DeVos has been working in the aviation industry for some time. However, most of his work has gone overshadowed by his leadership at Amway and The Windquest Group. Nevertheless, DeVos has played a major role in the expansion of the Gerald R. Ford International Airport for many years.


In the 1990s, DeVos was just starting to bring businesses together in his hometown of Grand Rapids. He helped to form the committee Grand Action, which was responsible for a number of buildings in the early growth of the city. There were also plans that came across DeVos’ desk that he would not follow through with, including a sports complex and convention center. The issue was that the plans placed the two buildings far away from the city’s business center in downtown. It wasn’t going to help with jobs or rapidly expanding the city, like DeVos had hoped.


The Dick & Betsy DeVos Family Foundation was formed to help with projects that would bring about better opportunities for Grand Rapids residents and contribute to the commerce in downtown. There were also plans to build an airport. In the late 1990s, the new airport had launched. However, it was not exactly booming with passengers. There were some changes that needed to be made and more flights that needed to be added for it to truly be an international airport.


DeVos worked with Air Tran Airways’ CEO in order to get in new traffic. He started by talking to the CEO about terminals and expanding the current offerings to get in more passengers. The plan worked. New flights were added to St. Louis, Vegas, Denver, and Orlando. Over time, those terminals were challenged by the takeover of Southwest in the early 2000s. DeVos talked to the CEO of Southwest at the time to see if a deal could be made to keep certain terminals. The airline was shuttering multiple terminals in other airports. However, the airline never shuttered any of the terminals or flights at the Grand Rapids location.


DeVos is just one of the people on the council with previous aviation experience. There are also transportation and airline executives who will be joining him in advising the council on what to do. With his business acumen, he has been able to help the Gerald R. Ford Airport receive $45 million in funding for new renovations. These insights into the airport’s expansion and working with airlines will prove vital to the policies and regulations that the FAA is looking to update in the next year.


To learn more, visit http://www.dbdvfoundation.org/.

Clayton Hutson and Work Ethic on Concerts

Very few stars have the ability to shine on their own. It takes help. Sound stage production is something that Clayton Hutson has a degree in, and he knows just what it takes to help the artist that he goes on tour with.


Hutson knows that having a great tour is all about having access to the right equipment at the right time. It is also about testing equipment and testing the lighting all before the show begins. Even after all of this is done it is still about having a crew in place that can quickly correct anything that goes wrong during this time.


Hutson has been called upon by Halsey for her latest tour, and this is just another artist that has come to depend on the services of Clayton Hutson. It appears that he is someone that is relied upon by young artists like this and older artists like Kid Rock. This shows that he works with a wide spectrum of artists that may have different types of shows that they want to present to their fans.


Clayton Hutson has clearly shown that he is good at what he does inside of a recording studio as an engineer, but he is also just as talented when it comes to stage production.


Hutson has made a name for himself by working with a number of different artists that have different needs, and this has allowed him to continue working even when it seems like the concert arena is already filled with more than enough people that work in stage management.


The key to turning this into a career is having a sense of professionalism that follows you wherever you go. It is always about first impressions when you work with anyone that has not had a chance to work with you before. This is something that Clayton is aware of so he knows that one bad night can follow him as he expands his career and attempts to work with other artists and groups. This is why he works hard to make sure the his crew stays on top of things.



He wants to be able to create a legacy with his business, and he wants to keep his good name. This is why Clayton Hutson takes on the challenges that come from new artists like Halsey as he continues to work with people we already established relationships with. Learn more:


Use Heal N Soothe Freely Without the Side Effects

Heal N Soothe is an enzymatic formula that uses ingredients found in nature to relief pain and inflammation. The list of ingredients reads like a grouping of historically proven pain relievers. Anyone who has been fortunate enough to have discovered Heal N Soothe can experience the peace of knowing that alleviating their suffering doesn’t have to result in the complications of side effects.

• Bromelain

Using the naturally composed Heal N Soothe gives the pain sufferer relief without the burden of short or long-term side effects. Take for instance the ingredient, Bromelain; it was first used for medicinal purposes by the Venezuelan chemist, Vicente Marcano in 1891. It is an enzyme extract taken from the stems of pineapples, where it is concentrated, but it is present throughout the whole of the fruit. Bromelain has been found to be effective in relieving the symptoms of osteoarthritis. It’s the ingredient in Heal N Soothe that promotes the reduction of inflammation and swelling and removes toxins and waste from the blood.

• Tumeric Extract

Tumeric has a centuries old history of medicinal uses. Curcumin is the element in Tumeric that has medicinal qualities. It has been used extensively in Ayurvedic medicine which is most popular in India, Chinese medicine and the whole of Asia. The turmeric extract blocks the pain signals generated by the COX-2 and the 5-LOX enzymes. It is also an antioxidant which destroys free radicals. Heal N Soothe eradicates the effects of the enzymes and free radicals, which are responsible for causing swelling and pain.

Heal N Soothe has a concentration of the world’s best natural anti-inflammatory, pain killers, digestive support, antioxidants and blood purification and circulation promoters.

• Ginger Extract has a double action: treating nausea and reducing pain.
• The Mojave Yucca Root reduces inflammation and supports the digestive and the immune systems.
• Devil’s Claw popular in Africa for thousands of years is used for its pain reduction and anti-inflammatory properties.
• Boswella Extract is of East Indian origin and is used for promoting blood circulation and the reduction of inflammation.
• Papain comes from the papaya fruit and it’s used to block the pain signals being sent by the COX-2 and the 5-LOX enzymes.
• Rutin and Citrus Bioflavanoids are both anti-oxidative ingredients preventing the progression of disease. Rutin is also an anti-inflammatory agent.
• The last ingredient may also be one of the most helpful, Proteolytic Systematic Enzymes. These enzymes have many functions. They help the immune system, promote respiration, purifies the blood, breaks down scar tissue and reduces inflammation.

Heal N Soothe is designed to give the user relief from the many of life’s most common ailments. It helps to alleviate the suffering associated with a wide range of health issues including joint pain, strains, sprains and fractures, hearth health and even cancer. Because it’s a natural resource, the side effects are minimal to non-existent and the resulting relief is exceptional.

Vinod Gupta’s #7 ranking at IIT Kharagpur

Every year schools are ranked from the best to the worst in various categories; which is carried out by the National Institutional Ranking Framework (NIRF). Through the Ministry of Human Resource Development (MHRD) the government in India has developed the following issues, “Teaching, Learning and Resources,” “Research and Professional Practices,” “Graduation Outcomes,” “Outreach and Inclusivity,” and “Perception.” From this ranking system Vinod Gupta School of Management (VGSoM) at IIT Kharagpur ranked seventh overall in the management category. Ranking seventh is quite an accomplishment considering the depth that occurs during the ranking process for a school including: placement, advanced studies, average salary, entrepreneurship, university examinations, number of graduating students admitted into top universities, and the total number of PhD students that graduated that academic year.

Vinod Gupta is a managing general partner that was born in a small village on July 4th, 1946 North of New Delhi, India. After graduating high school in his local village Vinod’s family helped him obtain the money he needed to move to Lincoln, Nebraska to further his education in engineering. After completing his graduate work, Vinod began working at Commodore Corporation as a marketing research analyst. While carrying out a task, the idea struck Vinod to compile all phone books to make a better available list available to everyone. Turned out that Vinod had reconfigured a product that was in demand and began making him a large income.

13 years later the database was complete and growing with a continuous demand. Today Vinod’s directory, infoUSA (formerly known as American Business Information), has information that has been derived from 5,200 different phone directories including all the United States and Canada. Vinod invested $100 initially and was sold in 2010 for $680 million. Vinod has since contributed large sums of money to many major charities including IIT –Kharagpur.

Jeff Herman Advises Parents on How to Discuss Child Sex Abuse with Their Children

Your child’s vulnerability is typically a reason why a child predator will try to manipulate, gain their trust and abuse them. When any vulnerable child is sexually abuse one of two things can happen. They don’t realize they are being abused. This means the child allows the predator to continue the abuse. The other thing that may happen is your child recognizes they are being abused and feels guilty that “let it happen.” This guilty feeling can cause a host of other negative problem.
These are the Signs of Child Abuse Jeff Herman Wants You to Know
Children will rarely tell you they are being sexually abused. Instead, they will exhibit behaviors that are key indicators of sexual abuse. This sexual abuse may happen one time or be recurrent. This means you have to be vigilant as a parent to notice any of the following signs of child sex abuse:
1. A child suddenly has a change in their behavior. A child who is sexually abused will begin sexually act out. This means they pay become flirtatious or dress in a flashy way. They may also have a compulsion to masturbate.
2. A child will show drastic behaviors too. One example of a drastic behavior is trying to harm themselves.
3. A child regresses. Regression means the child reverts back to activities they’ve outgrown. These activities range from bed wetting to sucking their thumb or playing with dolls.
4. A child may show other sudden behavioral changes such as inability to sleep, avoiding a person and/or place and being angry all the time.
Be careful when approaching the subject of child abuse with your child. Often, a child will deny the abuse even when it is happening. A predator typically grooms their victims to gain their trust. This will often conflict children. So, you may have to discuss the topic repeatedly before getting an answer.
Jeff Herman is an Advocate for Child Abuse Victims.
Attorney Jeff Herman has devoted his time and career to helping people sexually abused as children. He has secured money for victims of child abuse too. In fact, he only represents clients who suffered from child abuse and want to sue their predators.

Dr. Saad Saad: New Inventions

In case you haven’t already noticed medical catheters are tubes that can be used by doctors for many reasons. These tubes are put into someone so as to treat certain medical conditions along with aiding in the performance of surgical procedures. Catheters are even able to give doctors access to certain types of surgical instruments, to help with the draining of gases and fluids, and they can be used for many other things as well (depending on the catheter). There are different types of catheters in the world, and you will see that some are considered temporary whereas others are permanent.


Doctors that are trying to put their catheter in the right spot of the body for their patient are going to need to easily track where the catheter is in the body. On top of that, they are going to have to do this by using an X-Ray machine to see it. Even though X-Rays are not bad in general, if used too often it can lead to radiation poisoning. Of course, there are always the MRIs, but if a doctor wants to use an MRI they are going realize quickly that they are way too large and not portable at all, making them impractical.


All of this is the reasoning as to why Dr. Saad Saad has decided to create his newest invention that will help out other doctors when it comes to locating their catheters without needing any body scan. Patients will see that this newer catheter comes with integral electromagnetic location identification that is going to work by using the electromagnetic energy for figuring out the exact location of the catheter. Also, this catheter will have a tip that is made up of magnetically permeable material that will be located within the coil, along with there being wires on the walls of the catheter.


Dr. Saad Saad


Dr. Saad Saad is known for having done thousands of pediatric surgical operations during the time of his career. Being a pediatric surgeon has made it so that he is always attempting to do better than others with the methods and procedures that are currently being used in the medical industry. All of the work he has done has made him want to challenge the status quo by doing things like finding ways to minimize the amount of risk and pain each of his patients have. Thanks to all of these factors Dr. Saad Saad has been able to invent two creations, as well as having been able to create some new procedures for pediatric surgery. All of these reasons and more are why so many patients have come to trust this doctor, and it is easy to see why he has had so much success with his practice. Learn more: https://about.me/ssaad/getstarted