Kevin Seawright Is A Public Official Within The City Of Baltimore

The housing market in Baltimore has gone through many changes for better or worse. Real estate agents have been tirelessly searching for qualified candidates to take on mortgages in the area. Kevin Seawright is a public official within the city of Baltimore who is currently working with RPS Solutions to bring a resolution to this issue. RPS Solutions specializes in working with individuals who may not qualify for loans at the big Banks. The organization is able to get them approved for the financing even though they may not have perfect credit. Kevin Seawright has set his sights on diversifying communities and making it easier for people to move into better neighborhoods. View Kevin Seawright’s profile at LinkedIn

Kevin Seawright is an experienced public accountant and financial director. He has spent many years in privately owned companies as well. He began his career working with the city’s Parks and Recreations department. He managed the public funds and was able to raise the quality within the city’s parks. Seawright went on to be a supervisor of the public school system and rearranged how funds were allocated. This process improved transportation services and allowed more resources for administrators to operate. Seawright also introduced CitiStats, a software that empowered the mayor’s office with necessary information about its operating departments. The analytics system provided detailed data about each department and how it was being managed.

Seawright spent time with Tito Contractors while working in Washington, DC. Tito Contractors is a private company that had several projects going during Seawright’s time there. He moved on from this position and took over duties as Vice President and Chief Financial Officer of the Newark Community Economic Development Corporation. Seawright conducted fundraisers that assisted residential development initiatives. He eventually stepped away from this position and went back to investing into the real estate market in Baltimore. Kevin has a certification in Executive Leadership to go along with his accounting and real estate management experience. He obtained this education at the Notre Dame Mendoza School of Business. Kevin has notable nonprofit organization experience that include work with the Babe Ruth Museum and the National Forum for Black Public Administrators. Learn more: