Guilherme Paulus Stays Involved With His Companies

Guilherme Paulus started as an intern and is now one of the leaders in the hotel industry of Brazil. He runs both GJP Hotels and Resorts and CVC Brasil Operadora. His company was around 2 dozen resorts and hotels throughout the country of Brazil. They don’t just cater to international tourists.

While his accommodations are a vacation destination for people from around the world, he also gears the experience towards people from Brazil. 950,000 people have been through the doors of at least one of his locations and they employ more than 5,000 people.

The idea for CVC came from his business partner Carlos Vicente Cerchiari. He really wanted to create a tourist agency in the city of Santo Andre and Guilherme Paulus was willing to take part in the idea. When he was introduced to the idea, he was working at Casa Faro. While he may have had prior responsibilities, he was still able to focus on developing this newest venture. This is when they opened they opened their first small store near a cinema.

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The successful businessman tries to stay organized by writing out his schedule for the week every single day that he can. Not only does this help him to stay more organized, he believes that it helps him to stay productive as well. He also implements technology in order to stay productive. Information is able to be shared very quickly now and this allows him to be able to see market trends and other factors early. It’s important to try to stay on top of the market so you can stay on top in the industry.

Even though the hotel chain has locations throughout the country, Guilherme Paulus managed to travel to all of them so he can get a good idea of how their operations are actually like. He believes that actually visiting these places so he can get a better idea of how they operate and what directions he needs to take his company. It’s one of the things that makes him so productive as an entrepreneur. He is still making sure he stays involved no matter how big he gets.

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Sahm Adrangi Continues To Feel Obligated To Warn Investors When Company’s Have Become Overvalued

Investment management firm Kerrisdale Capital Management, LLC is an organization that places its emphasis on the areas of special situations that are driven by events as well as investments that hold a great deal of long-term value. The firm was founded by its inspirational leader Sahm Adrangi who continues to be a major force behind the success at Kerrisdale.

Sahm has always made it a major priority to advise the investment world whenever a particular publically traded company is at a valuation that is higher than actual reality. Recently, Sahm Adrangi has released some critical reports in regard to a couple different companies – QuinStreet, Inc. and Proteostasis Therapeutics, Inc.

QuinStreet, Inc. is a company that works in the area of internet marketing. The firm has recently seen its stock price quadruple causing its investors to become very optimistic about the future of a firm that has struggled for some time. Despite these recent developments, Kerrisdale Capital Management and Sahm Adrangi have recently issued a report that paints a negative picture regarding the state of QuinStreet. A large part of the scepticism that Sahm Adrangi has expressed regarding QuinStreet is due to the company’s business practices which lack transparency and fail to really give investors a view into how the company operates.

The fact that a large part of the traffic QuinStreet is now receiving is coming from dubious sources such as adware and paid surveys among other things is of great concern to the experts at Kerrisdale Capital Management. These are some of the primary reasons that Sahm Adrangi cautions investors that this is a company that is currently overvalued.

Sahm Adrangi and the Kerrisdale team have also recently issued a negative report in regard to a company called Proteostasis Therapeutics, Inc. This is a biopharmaceutical firm that is still in its developmental stage of building its business. It is currently in development of a drug that is meant to treat the condition of cystic fibrosis. Through diligent research, the team at Kerrisdale Capital have come to the conclusion that this drug will not be the breakthrough that it is reported to be and will ultimately prove ineffective. For this reasons, the experts at Kerrisdale Capital feel obligated to label this company as being overvalued for its current stock price which recently increased by one-hundred percent.