The Reasons behind The Success Of Securus Technologies In Development Of Wireless Containment Solution

Securus Technologies is a company that is in the forefront in improving safety in the prisons. The company has succeeded in restricting the use of contraband phones in the prisons. The illegal phones used to be employed in organized criminal activities in the society. Securus Technologies has gained a reputation in various parts of the world due to the installation of Wireless Containment Solution in various prisons. The technology has helped in curtailing the illegal calls from the prisons.

Securus Technologies has provided services that are essential in improving the safety conditions in the state. The company has succeeded in offering detainee communications and emergency response services. The contraband phones in prisons are posing threats to the national security. The lives of prison officers and their families are at risk when the prisoners are accessing illegal phones. One of the officers who has suffered from the crime organized by inmates is Johnson. The officers were striving to confiscate illegal items in prison. One day he was lucky to obtained drugs worth $50,000 which belonged to one of the inmates. The inmate organized a gang to shot the officer using a contraband phone. The attempted murder failed, and the officer lived to tell how he survived six bullets. The organizer of the crime, Sean Echols, was confessed that the crime was organized from the prison.

The incident that happened to Ronald Johnson must have incited the Securus Technologies to come up with a technology that guarantees the prison officers safety. The company enhances safety in the society by ensuring that the inmates do not access contraband phones. Most of the prisons have banned the use of illegal cells phones by the inmates. Wireless Containment Solution is the only technology in the current generation that can control illegal calls in the prisons. The prisons use the technology to filter the incoming and the outgoing calls. Some calls which perpetrate the safety of the society are blocked.

Ronald Johnson serves at Securus Technologies as a consultant. He elaborated on the need to install the Wireless Containment Solution to the Federal Communications Commission (FCC) in 2017. He reiterated that the technology was necessary if the highest level of safety has to be achieved in prisons. Wireless Containment System determines how the calls should be addressed once they enter the local network. The technology has worked successfully in over ten prisons in the USA.

Securus Technologies conducted research and established that over 1.7 million illegal calls were made by the inmates between 2016 and 2017. The figures forced the company to invest $40 million in developing Wireless Containment Solution. The technology has yielded positive results in reducing crimes and violence in the society.


Securus Technologies, An Advanced Correctional Facility Management Firm in the US and Beyond

If you’ve ever had any interaction with a correctional facility, you may have already encountered Securus Technologies. The company assists correctional facilities, and their inmates, with telecommunications services, and, much more. The company is international, and, operates in North America, more specifically, it’s headquartered in Dallas, Texas. Being in business since 1986, it’s acquired many other businesses over the years. Many different types of ways to get the inmates in touch with their loved ones, has been the primary focus of Securus Technologies throughout the years.


Making technology beneficial for everyone, Securus Technologies has also added monitoring services recently. The service is valuable to both inmates, as well as, their families, and, the correctional facility staff. This feature has actually been used to prohibit contraband, not only by inmates but, by unethical employees as well. Crimes have been solved, and, it’s also assisted in many criminal investigations.


Securus Technologies has also recently acquired JPay. While this company is mostly known for money wiring, they’ve recently moved into many other beneficial technologies. Connecting inmates with tablets, educational applications, and, even a cloud where they can store their files, gives them a great opportunity while serving time.


Securus Technologies has also recently been given an “A+” rating by the Better Business Bureau. This accomplishment, in combination with a 95 percent customer satisfaction rating, puts Securus way ahead of the competition. This is most likely attributed to well-trained employees, who are able to resolve concerns on the first call. Securus Technologies has certainly evolved, and, it’s made great strides in a notoriously difficult business. They’ve put themselves in a great position to continue growing as the leader in inmate and, correctional facility solutions. It all began with inmate calling solutions, but, has now developed into a full-service management company, integrated as a part of many facilities, in the US and beyond.


Securus Technologies Takes The Lead

Securus Technologies is a leading provider of civil and criminal justice technology. Based in Dallas, Texas, the company has secured contracts with more than 2,500 correctional facilities in the United States, Canada, and the District of Columbia. Since 1986, they have been leaders in inmate communications and monitoring as well as public safety. To show their appreciation, several safety and security officials recently communicated their experiences and success with Securus Technologies monitoring software in formal letters and emails.


Aside from their contributions to inmates and public safety, Securus Technologies encourages their team to be involved in the community.


At the Dallas Event for the Feed My Starving Children organization, more than one hundred members of the Securus Technologies team packed meals to help feed the hungry during the three-day event. Going beyond just providing meals, the team worked together to ensure that each meal pack was sealed with essential nutrients like vitamins and vegetables to help keep children happy and healthy, one meal pack at a time.


Securus Technologies prides themselves in helping others and wants to encourage their employees to do the same. The work that the team at Securus Technologies does affects the lives of others every day. They are the bridge to communication for many inmates and families, and the missing piece to the puzzle for some investigators. Vice President Kate Lengyel says the event was not only an opportunity to give back to the community, but to also help associates better appreciate one another, and strengthen their team.