Clay Hutson: A Production Entertainment Overseer

Music industry diamond, musical genius, talent developer, unparalleled, aesthetic prowess – these are some of the words that can describe the rare talents rolled into one persona, Clay Hutson. Hailing from an academic background in theater design – Clay Hustsn has earned his badges of experience in Sound Engineering, Managing Projects and learning about the whole business holistically and gathering enough knowledge to be able to stand on his own, and creating his own business in the entertainment production industry. His extremely valuable knowledge piled up from all the experience that he has underwent, has been stepping stones to building his own brand and company – and was enough to equip him to carve his own path. These experiences and knowledge has armed him with the map to show him the ropes to all aspects of the live entertainment industry.

Though he was focused in the arts and in the entertainment world – he made sure to have enough background in the corporate side of things to be able to market and manage the business efficiently and effectively. Clay Huston has produced hundreds of shows and has managed a ton of live shows and this is a testament of his commitment, passion, energy to the craft and his prowess in design, management and production.

His crafty and creative eye for lights, and his sharp ear for sound paired with his out of the box ideas for set designs have solidified his design core and has proven his name to be a name to beat in the industry that he is in. Technology has also helped Clay Hutson to bring his ideas to reality and his current tool of choice for illustrating is CAD – and the things he learned before in manual manipulation, he can apply successfully in the physical aspects.

The way he keeps up with the fast paced industry is that he makes sure that he is about 3 steps ahead of the plan, always. This gives him leeway for errors to be able to recover right away. This way he can also delegate tasks easier. Clay Hutson is definitely a complete production package! A leader, innovator, and a creative.