U.S Money Reserve’s star continues to shine in 2018

For the last few years, U.S Money Reserve has been in the limelight for all the good reasons. The company won the coveted AdSphere Awards for the second year in a row. Being the leading distributor of government issued gold and silver, U.S Money Reserve was recognized for leading in the Best of Short-form Category and Infomercials in the $350 billion Direct Response Television industry.


About the AdSphere Awards

AdSphere Awards were established to honor the leading brands and products in network cable advertisers in the direct selling industry. The awards are conferred by DRMetrix, a leading television company that conducts research for the direct response industry. The awarding ceremony was held in San Diego in April this year.


About the DRTV Industry

The direct response television industry is a booming sector that is currently valued at a little over $350 billion. The industry features a model that provides clients with the services that are a true reflection of their daily work. U.S Money Reserve was recognized for its ability to educate their clients about their products and turning leads into sales.


Following the recognition by DRMetrix, Angela, the CEO of U.S Money Reserve expressed her gratitude for being honored two years in a row with the competitive awards. She also noted that she was happy to be a part of the winning team at the U.S Money Reserve. According to the CEO, the awards show that U.S Money Reserve has some of the most talented staff working in the advertisement and production departments. She thanked them for their teamwork, which enabled them to win the awards for two years in a row.


The AdSphere Awards are some of the most inclusive awards in the U.S right now. They are closely monitoring over 7,700 brands and products. They have four main categories and numerous sub-categories which ensure that almost every industry is included in the awarding scheme. The organizers focus on performance-based tasks to showcase customer popularity and rewards brands and service providers with outstanding service delivery.


This year’s AdSphere Awards comes after the company landed a deal to become the sole distributor of the coin set for the 65th anniversary of the coronation of her majesty Queen Elizabeth II. With the deal in place, the American market can now access the Perth mint gold and silver coin set. The coins are made from pure gold and silver, and only a few were produced. U.S Money Reserve gives an opportunity for their customers to distribute their wealth by purchasing physical assets such as silver and gold.


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How Can You Protect Your Money From Inflation? US Money Reserve Offers Their Advice

Inflation is a word that’s been coming up quite a bit recently. It’s a term that seems almost inconsequential, especially with the annual rates almost always being in the single digits. But inflation can have far-reaching consequences for both the average person and the economy as a whole. The inflation rate serves as a gauge of financial stability and economic well-being.

Quite a few market-watchers seem worried about our current inflation rate. But is their worry justified? US Money Reserve has taken a close look at the historical data and our current economy, and they’ve given an explanation of how inflation can affect the average person, and what they can do to outpace it.


All the recent talk of inflation has many people wondering what inflation is, and how it affects them. Inflation, at its core, is simply a measure of how the prices of goods and services around the nation increase over time as the dollar’s purchasing power decreases. If inflation is more than zero percent, which it almost always is, then that means the average price of goods is going up, and you’ll be spending more to get the same things over time. While you’re not likely to see the effects of inflation over months or even a year or two, it can wreak havoc on long-term investments or careers. If, after working somewhere for ten years, your pay hasn’t increased, but inflation has continued to raise the price of goods, then you’ll find it harder to maintain your lifestyle as the years go on. Retirement funds, loans, and savings accounts are all affected by inflation, as well as almost any other investment which is tied to the value of the dollar. If your savings don’t gain interest faster than inflation devalues your money, then you’ll be losing purchasing power over the years. This can be especially disastrous for retirement.


But how can you keep your purchasing power, and stave off the profound effects of inflation on your financial well-being? The key is diversification of your assets. Investing in assets that aren’t tied completely to the value of the dollar will help your money retain its value, or even increase it. Adding assets such as shares in companies with offshore operations or industries with high international stability can help you retain purchasing power even if the dollar loses value. However, one of the best investments for maintaining purchasing power is physical gold. Gold has historically risen in value faster than inflation has dropped the value of the dollar, and has consistently managed to retain its immense value across the world.



US Money Reserve

The leading distributor of government-issue gold, silver, and platinum is US Money Reserve. They’ve helped hundreds of thousands of individuals to outpace inflation by giving them the information and advice they need, as well as providing them with investment opportunities in precious metals, and helping them to protect their money from devaluation. US Money Reserve has a reputation for excellence, and that’s a reputation that they’ve upheld rigorously over their many years in operation.