Jeff Herman Advises Parents on How to Discuss Child Sex Abuse with Their Children

Your child’s vulnerability is typically a reason why a child predator will try to manipulate, gain their trust and abuse them. When any vulnerable child is sexually abuse one of two things can happen. They don’t realize they are being abused. This means the child allows the predator to continue the abuse. The other thing that may happen is your child recognizes they are being abused and feels guilty that “let it happen.” This guilty feeling can cause a host of other negative problem.
These are the Signs of Child Abuse Jeff Herman Wants You to Know
Children will rarely tell you they are being sexually abused. Instead, they will exhibit behaviors that are key indicators of sexual abuse. This sexual abuse may happen one time or be recurrent. This means you have to be vigilant as a parent to notice any of the following signs of child sex abuse:
1. A child suddenly has a change in their behavior. A child who is sexually abused will begin sexually act out. This means they pay become flirtatious or dress in a flashy way. They may also have a compulsion to masturbate.
2. A child will show drastic behaviors too. One example of a drastic behavior is trying to harm themselves.
3. A child regresses. Regression means the child reverts back to activities they’ve outgrown. These activities range from bed wetting to sucking their thumb or playing with dolls.
4. A child may show other sudden behavioral changes such as inability to sleep, avoiding a person and/or place and being angry all the time.
Be careful when approaching the subject of child abuse with your child. Often, a child will deny the abuse even when it is happening. A predator typically grooms their victims to gain their trust. This will often conflict children. So, you may have to discuss the topic repeatedly before getting an answer.
Jeff Herman is an Advocate for Child Abuse Victims.
Attorney Jeff Herman has devoted his time and career to helping people sexually abused as children. He has secured money for victims of child abuse too. In fact, he only represents clients who suffered from child abuse and want to sue their predators.