How Stream Energy Combines Service Delivery and Philanthropy

When hurricane Harvey wreaked havoc in Houston and the neighboring areas, many people and companies had no alternative but to helplessly watch as the residents died, homes swept and property destroyed. Stream Energy is involved in many philanthropic activities. The company participates in community-based activities in Texas and its surroundings through the company’s foundation called Stream Cares. During Hurricane Harvey period, the company displayed itself as a significant example in philanthropy and charity, something that the company proved to be part of its agenda. The company supported the victims in a big way contrary to the rest companies who sat back. Stream Energy gave out more than just the available money it earned in energy sales. It is not common to have a business or a corporation to have a different philanthropic arm and continues to do other jobs.

The company must balance between its performance and the community-based operations in general so that it could maintain respect for the customers and the other members of the public. When the company is involved in giving back to the society, it’s most publicized. Giving back to the community is highly publicized and very healthy for the management. It helps very much, especially if the company’s profit dips. If it results in retrenching workers, those who lead in philanthropic are usually spared. American companies are generous when it comes to philanthropy, and Stream Energy is not an exemption. An example was in 2016 when charities in America received donations worth $16 billion from the companies and businesses.


Stream Cares collaborates with Red Cross and Habitat for Humanity where the management and the employees are engaged in grassroots donations, which boost its record of accomplishment in philanthropy. Stream Energy has a light business plan whereby it pays its partners who look for clients and sell them a variety of its products ranging from direct energy sales to mobile packages. In return, the company provides virtual doctors and telemedicine at discounted prices. The commission earned by associates is used to support a program of their choice. In Dallas, the employs and the company itself are concerned about homelessness. The company and the employees jointly track the homeless people in Dallas and support them.

Sahm Adrangi Continues To Feel Obligated To Warn Investors When Company’s Have Become Overvalued

Investment management firm Kerrisdale Capital Management, LLC is an organization that places its emphasis on the areas of special situations that are driven by events as well as investments that hold a great deal of long-term value. The firm was founded by its inspirational leader Sahm Adrangi who continues to be a major force behind the success at Kerrisdale.

Sahm has always made it a major priority to advise the investment world whenever a particular publically traded company is at a valuation that is higher than actual reality. Recently, Sahm Adrangi has released some critical reports in regard to a couple different companies – QuinStreet, Inc. and Proteostasis Therapeutics, Inc.

QuinStreet, Inc. is a company that works in the area of internet marketing. The firm has recently seen its stock price quadruple causing its investors to become very optimistic about the future of a firm that has struggled for some time. Despite these recent developments, Kerrisdale Capital Management and Sahm Adrangi have recently issued a report that paints a negative picture regarding the state of QuinStreet. A large part of the scepticism that Sahm Adrangi has expressed regarding QuinStreet is due to the company’s business practices which lack transparency and fail to really give investors a view into how the company operates.

The fact that a large part of the traffic QuinStreet is now receiving is coming from dubious sources such as adware and paid surveys among other things is of great concern to the experts at Kerrisdale Capital Management. These are some of the primary reasons that Sahm Adrangi cautions investors that this is a company that is currently overvalued.

Sahm Adrangi and the Kerrisdale team have also recently issued a negative report in regard to a company called Proteostasis Therapeutics, Inc. This is a biopharmaceutical firm that is still in its developmental stage of building its business. It is currently in development of a drug that is meant to treat the condition of cystic fibrosis. Through diligent research, the team at Kerrisdale Capital have come to the conclusion that this drug will not be the breakthrough that it is reported to be and will ultimately prove ineffective. For this reasons, the experts at Kerrisdale Capital feel obligated to label this company as being overvalued for its current stock price which recently increased by one-hundred percent.