The Answers About Freedom Checks

All investors, whether seasoned or new to the game, have heard of Freedom Checks. Some view it as a scam, others are not sure how they work, while other investors are making quite a bit of money. It is time to answer some of the biggest questions surrounding Freedom Checks. Freedom Checks are real and people do make money, however, it is important to follow the steps that are laid out by Matt Badiali. Badiali is the one responsible for introducing Freedom Checks to the public. The surprising thing about Badiali is that he holds a geology degree, but that degree has helped make him one of the top investment strategists worldwide.

People tend to lose interest in this investment due to lack of understanding of how it works. An initial investment needs to be made. It does not need to be a large investment, however. In layman’s terms, these checks are the capital gains received from an investment. The difference is the investments made in this case are in a master limited partnership. Thanks to the tax code, investors get the tax advantages from the MLP while enjoying the benefits of a company that trades publicly.

Making large sums of money is easier with this type of investment because they are untouched by income taxes. This will result in higher returns. The only time income taxes are applied is when shares are sold. Investors will collect the money in the same manner that they would collect money from any investment. Meaning the checks can come straight to the home or directly to a brokerage firm to be reinvested. The bottom line is this type of investment is not any more of a risk than other traditional investments. The plus side is with a small investment, the potential to make some extra money is very plausible.

Madison Street Capital Closes Major Deal

One of the most highly lucrative industries in the world today is the world of finance. For those that are trying to build a new company in the industry, it can quickly become clear that the entire industry is controlled by some select firms that have well over 100 years of operations. While this can be a very challenging industry to get into, those that are able to provide great services to their clients with a unique approach and dedicated skill set could prove to do quite well. One organization that has continued to grow and thrive in the challenging industry is Madison Street Capital.


For anyone that is familiar with the investment banking industry, Madison Street Capital continues to impress customers, competitors, and interested parties. One of the main reasons why Madison Street Capital continues to do well is because of their strong reputation. Despite being a much younger firm, the Madison Street Capital reputation is that they are able to provide great services and support to those that are in need of any advisory services.


For the past few years, Madison Street Capital has continued to provide great services and has now completed some very marquee deals that have helped them to expand their services. One of the main transactions that the company was working on for the past few years was for their leading client, Sachs Capital Group. For this organization, Madison Street Capital was able to come up with a strategy that was used by the customer to take RMG Networks private. While this came with a lot of challenges, Madison Street Capital was able to raise the equity and debt that was necessary to do so.


This was just the latest deal that Madison Street Capital was responsible for. Over the past few years, Madison Street Capital has handled a variety of major transactions for private and public companies. This company today is continuing to look for new ways in which it can expand its service offerings. Madison Street Capital today is looking for new options to provide more investment banking in a broader industry group.


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Matt Badiali And His Take On Copper

Investors looking for guidance on spotting appropriate resource companies may want to take advice from geologist and financial advisor Matt Badiali. He is the editor of the newsletter the Real Wealth Strategist. There are individuals who swear they achieved double or triple-digit gains due to his stock picks. He first considered a career in academics and attended the University of North Carolina to earn his Ph.D., however, a friend of his convinced him that he could help others make money by combining his knowledge as a geologist with picking high-quality natural resource investments. He achieved name recognition in the world of finance after successfully identifying a valuable resource stock at the height of the financial crisis and it proved to be extremely profitable. He has been sought after in the financial community to advise people on ensuring a natural resource asset is legit.

Matt Badiali has recently uncovered that the demand for copper is much greater than the supply, however, the price of copper is in a downtrend. He believes that demand and supply fundamentals don’t make any sense and believes copper should not be falling. He believes the disconnect in the price of copper is creating an opportunity for long-term value investors who feel that copper is a great pick. The copper market has been experiencing supply deficits and Matt Badiali believes these deficits are going to be common over the next several years. He feels strongly that the electric car is going to disrupt the auto industry and create a surge in the demand for copper because the electric vehicle is going to require an enormous amount of copper.

Many analysts believe that the trade war between the United States and China needs to end quickly, otherwise the world will go into a recession. In a recession, the demand for copper usually declines. This trade war fear is the reason that the speculators are so bearish about the price of copper and continue to drive the commodity down. Matt Badiali feels that the fear displayed by these traders is not warranted. He feels that the supply of copper is only going to be driven lower and new mines will take many years to begin production. He feels these drivers will thrust copper into a bull market.

M&A Grants Madison Street Capital Its Highest Honors

Madison Street Capital was adjudged as the winner of the Debt Financing Deal of the Year award for 2017. The honor was given by M&A (Mergers and Acquisitions) Advisory Awards in Nov. 13, 2017. Madison’s efforts in undertaking the refinancing of WLR Automotive was the project that impressed M&A the most and that which led them to grant the coveted plum to this company. There were more than 650 equally qualified companies who vied for the much-sought after prize. The award was given on the Gala night of the 16th Annual M&A Advisor Awards which was held at the Metropolitan Club in New York City.



The Gala celebration coincided with another event, the 2017 M&A Advisor Summit where over 500 M&A industry professionals were in attendance. There were interactive forums participated in by the attendees and with 35 leading members of the M&A industry leading the meetings and discussion. But it was the awards night that is the centerpiece of the celebrations. Incidentally, Madison Street Capital was also in the list of finalists for two additional awards, namely the Financial Deal of the Year (under $250 million) and the Boutique Investment Banking Firm of the Year. The Gala night is the capping of the industry’s recognition and celebration of the industry’s successes for the year.



During the awarding ceremonies, David Fergusson, President and Co-CEO of the M&A Advisor mentioned that they have been giving awards to the leading M&A companies, transactions and dealmakers since 2002. He stated that they chose to give the 2017 award to Madison Street Capital because this company represents the best of what the M&A industry can offer. Ferguson added that Madison earned such an honor because it was able to distinguish itself from the rest of the equally impressive candidates.



Responding to the accolades given by the industry, Charles Botchway, Madison’s CEO said he is honored to receive the M&A Advisor Award for 2017, particularly in the category of debt financing. He in turn congratulated WLR Automotive, the company that benefited from its financial services, as well as Barry Peterson, Madison’s Senior Managing Director and the lead of the company in the successful transaction.



Madison Street Capital is an international banking firm operating not only nationally but internationally as well. It is committed to leadership, excellence, integrity and service in the delivery of merger and acquisition expertise, corporate financial advisory services, valuation services both to private and public corporations, valuation services and financial opinions. When clients of Madison heed their opinions and follow their advice, they are placed in a better position that can help them reach their goals and succeed in their respective fields and in the global market. Madison also helps their clients in business conducting business deals such as transfers of ownership, M&A transactions, and many more.


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