Rick Shinto and Penelope Kokkinides of InnovaCare Health

InnovaCare Health is a company that provides Medicare Advantage plans and seeks to help lower-income patients get integrated and quality medical services. Its president and CEO is Rick Shinto, while it’s Chief Administrative Officer is Penelope Kokkinides.


Rick Shinto became a member of California’s North American Medical Management (NAMM) group in 1998. He quickly went on to see the difficulties that some patients had affording health care in the ever-changing market, as well as the lack of operational expertise among physicians themselves. His work with NAMM over the years eventually led to the founding of InnovaCare Health in 2012.


He has had a long and eventful career even before his work with InnovaCare Health. Beginning as a internist and pulmonologist, Shinto eventually became a corporate vice president for MedPartners from 1995 until 1997, and then Chief Operating Officer (COO) and Chief Marketing Officer for the Medical Pathways Management Company. He was also CEO of NAMM California until 2008, at which point he became president and CEO of Aveta Inc. Currently he is also the CEO of InnovaCare’s Puerto Rican subsidiaries, and also works on the boards of the America’s Health Insurance Plans (AHIP) and America’s Physician Groups.


Penelope Kokkinides, meanwhile, has twenty years of experience in the health care field herself, with a specialty in the managed care industry and government programs. In the past she has served as the COO of Aveta Inc. and InnovaCare plus vice president of clinical operations. She has also worked as the COO for both Touchstone Health and Centerlight HealthCare; for the latter she was in charge of the goals of the managed care division. She also worked for AmeriChoice (a business subsidiary of UnitedHealth Group), where she was a corporate vice president in charge of both care management and disease management.  For more details you can visit ziprecruiter.com


After rejoining the company in 2015, Penelope Kokkinides gave an interview with IdeaMensch, a website dedicated to entrepreneurship. One interesting thing that she said in this discussion is that she has never had a “bad” job, because regardless of aspects that she may not have liked, each one helped her to learn how to become a better professional. Even working at a department store in her younger days allowed her to learn networking skills with her customers, which at the time allowed her to get her mother a better job and no doubt helps with her business acumen today. To see more you can checkout manta.com




Visit: https://hired.com/company/innovacare-health


Shafik Sachedina Is A Businessman Who Truly Embraces The Concept Of Community:

Shafik Sachedina, along with his business partner, Shiraz Boghani, is the co-founder of a healthcare and patient care company called Sussex Healthcare that operates in excess of twenty patient care homes in the greater Sussex, England region. The company recently celebrated its proud twenty-five year anniversary of serving the needs of a wide range of patients. Part of the reason that Sussex Healthcare has been able to develop such a dynamic formula for success is the fact that both co-founders come from different business background while at the same time both coming from the Ismaili community. This shared community has allowed them to seamlessly integrate their unique skill sets in order to create a patient care operation that has been making a huge difference in the lives of many for twenty-five years now. Shafik Sachedina has brought his background in the medical field while Shira Boghani has brought his expertise in the business of hospitality. This has proven to be a potent combination for a company that specializes in patient care.

Shafik Sachedina’s dedication to his native Ismaili community is as intense as his dedication to the work he does at Sussex Healthcare. He is well knowns for his volunteer work that he does within this tight-knit community and it would be impossible to say that this dedication to community service hasn’t been one of the major influencing factors in his dedication to his Sussex Healthcare patients. Voluntary service is one of the hallmarks of the Ismaili community and is seen as some of the most honorable work that an individual can ever do. This is why Shafik Sachedina dedicates so much of his time to Ismaili community issues. He does all of this work completely free of charge. With all of these considerations, it is not hard to see why Shafik Sachedina has become such a respected leader in the Ismaili and British communities.

Shafik Sachedina’s Facebook Page

Ara Chackerina’s Philanthropy and Success in Healthcare Investing

Ara Chackerian is an angel investor who has gained recognition all around the world over the past several years. He investments involve finding healthcare companies that are just emerging into the industry and helping these companies succeed. When it comes to why Ara Chackerian has become so successful, the investor has given a lot of credit to his upbringing. He believes that growing up with encouragement to explore his ideas was instrumental in the man he eventually became. Chackerian also attributes much of his success to being willing to go after new experiences in the world.


Ara Chackerian has racked up a significant amount of experience when it comes to building and running companies involved in providing healthcare services. Mr. Chackerian once said in an interview that one of his biggest strengths is the ability to completely immerse himself in his goals, which allows him to focus on his vision, as well as strategies that can help him achieve it. Chackerian graduated from Florida State University with a degree in Marketing and Business Management. He also emphasizes the importance of strong partnerships an appreciating each member’s unique talents and skills. Check out angel.co



TMS Health Solutions, of which Ara Chackerian is the co-founder, is a healthcare company that works to provide individuals with metal illnesses the services that they need. Additionally, he is also the co-founder of BMC Diagnostics, a company focused on diagnostic imaging services. Chackerian has also served as PipelineRx’s Executive Chairman and PSS/World Medical’s Executive Vice President after co-founding both of these companies as well. PipelineRx is a Telepharmacy service provider, while PSS/World Medical is an international distributor of medical products. You can visit their about.me page.


In addition to his success in investing, Ara Chackerian has also made large efforts with regards to philanthropy. He and his wife have founded and supported a number of non-profits. Mostly, these organizations focus of youth development and improving education. Their efforts have helped American, Armenian and Nicaraguan communities.



Click here: http://californiablog.org/content/exploring-tms-ara-chackerian-non-invasive-mental-health-treatment-targets-brain


Dr. Eric Forsthoefel Emergency Medicine

For nearly ten years, Dr. Eric Forsthoefel has been practicing Emergency Medicine in Tallahassee, Florida. He is board certified and meets the national requirements expected of physicians to practice in this specialty. He is affiliated with Tallahassee Memorial Hospital where he practices Emergency Medicine with 26 other physicians. His areas of expertise are emergent injuries, accidents and trauma. Dr. Forsthoefel, along with the other physicians in the Emergency Department, are responsible for determining the level of care each patient requires from the moment contact is initiated with him or her. Moreover, they are expected to address emergent injuries that range from job-related mishaps to motor vehicle accidents, from athletic injuries to those sustained – deemed to be more encompassing. Emergency Medicine physicians remove or stabilize trauma that accompanies many associated patient injuries.

Dr. Forsthoefel and his colleagues make diagnosis of patient conditions after initial consultation, vitals, laboratory tests and further scans that may be needful. The physician reviews the findings and determines if continued care would best be handled in hospital or to what extent on an outpatient basis, albeit a personal physician visit or over-the-counter medication and personal care/attention alone. Discussion is held concerning findings and conclusions with the patient and any significant others who may be affected by this situation. The plan is then put in motion based on the mutual decision of all concerned.

Dr. Forsthoefel received his medical education and completed his medical residency at the University of Louisiana. This too would have prepared him for his current role as an Emergency Medicine physician with a combination of classroom hours and required practicum and testing for medical certification.

Dr. Forsthoefel has addressed patients with cardiac conditions, lacerations, respiratory ailments, extremity sprains, and more. He accepts insurance from providers including Aetna and First Health. For further information, contact by phone:

(800) 431-0779.