How MB2 Is Changing the Dental World

Dr Chris Steven Villanueva is the sole founder of MB2 Company. As an active dental practitioner, a Dr Villanueva vision is to bring out the best in both the sole-practitioner and the corporate dentistry in his line of work. With the experience, he got from both the corporate dentistry as well as a sole practitioner, Dr Chris Villanueva started MB2 Dental with a lot of knowledge on what it took to deliver the needed support in the industry without compromising the integrity of a career that he loves a lot. Since it was started, MB2 Dental has supported dental practitioners from over seventy allied locations in six states. The company has over five hundred employees, and its leadership plans to carry on the trend of excellence. According to Dr Villanueva, he aimed to bring something unique in the field and to look on more than profit side of a business and more

The idea that Dr. Villanueva had in mind when he was starting was that of a company that was dentist-owned and whose focus was on support, independence, individual growth and fun altogether. With the firm, it enables practices to see the progress that is beneficial to the patients who utilise them. The innovations further bring the improved standard for operations which in turn makes the practitioner happy and in the process creates an organic business growth at the end. According to Dr Chris Villanueva, when he was graduating from the dental school, there were only two options for the dentist which were either to join a corporate or either to start a private practice. The idea that was in his mind then was to come up with a model that would incorporate both sides and MB2 was the output where they put doctors first and so the patient.

MB2 was founded on the belief that when doctors work together, they can be of help to each other and in the process be able to accomplish more than ever working as individual dentists. The reasoning as per MB2 is that dental management and practice development can work together and this change lives for the better for both the dentists and the patients and also the dental industry in general. The MB2 practice owners go for a bi-yearly retreat where they use their time to enjoy with other like-minded dentists. Other retreats in the past have seen the owners enjoy white-water rafting and trips to Cabo San Lucas