Alastair Borthwick the World War II Journalist

Alastair Borthwick is a renowned world war journalist that was brought up in Troon, and after that, his parents moved to Glasgow. He then attended the area’s high school but dropped out when he turned sixteen so that he could work for the area’s publishing company Glasgow Herald. Among his first junior roles at Glasgow Herald was to take down copies from clients as well as his colleagues that kept calling in.

Two years later, he was promoted, and he became the editor of some of the company’s feature pages. His involvement in the editorial section saw Alastair being part of hill climbing as well as the walking crowd on the weekend, which was a trend. Hill climbing gave Borthwick a chance to network with a variety of people which contributed to creativity in his articles at the time. Alastair Borthwick also got married to Ann in 1940.

Alastair Borthwick’s Career

Alastair Borthwick’s journalism career made huge progress after he secured a job at the Daily Mirror, located in London’s Fleet Street. The company was at that time very popular, and Alastair had a very enviable position. However, he could barely fit into a very different lifestyle, and this made his move back to Glasgow. His move to Glasgow also favoured his career as he became a BBC radio correspondent until the beginning of World War II.

At the beginning of World War II, Alastair Borthwick was authorised to be the Intelligence Officer of a particular troop. There was a lot of antagonisms especially between most of the participating countries, and Alastair was part of it. As the differences slowly came to an end, Alastair was requested to document the history of his troop experience, and this was then published in 1946.

After the end of World War II, Alastair Borthwick moved to Jura, where he combined journalism and fishing to pass the time. Years later, the two walked back to settle with his wife in Glasgow entirely and became a producer for half-hour programs on Grampian TV which covered quite a variety of subjects. Although he passed on, Alastair is remembered for not only being a remarkable journalist in the World War II era but also his excellent aggressive journalism, as well as his two major publications.

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