Waiakea Water – Better Packaging for Quality Water

Waiakea Hawaiian volcanic water plans on using fully degradable packaging in the coming year. The technology employed by the company is one of its kinds and the only patented one currently. According to the company, it is a technology that will bring down the lifespan of the plastic bottles by more than 98% from about 1500 years to only 15 years. The time last nano additive packing technology will be first used by Waiakea. These bottles are made from 100% recycled bottles.

The bottle, made of plastic, is both weak and strong. According to the company’s CEO, Ryan, to come up with this unique type of bottle was necessary for the company to approach polymers form a different perspective. There are reasons why coming up with such an invention has not happened for the past 70 years. It is because most of the other companies focused on strengthening plastic rather than weakening it. As such, no significant progress was made in this sector until just recently.

The other reason for lack of progress has been from the fact that there has been an emphasis on making plastic degradable. Most companies, therefore, have been trying to do this with no success. It is therefore viable to say that Waiakea has opened ground for what will be a great way to reduce the harmful effects of plastics.

About Waiakea Water

This company was first established in 2012. The company specializes in shipping the naturally occurring alkaline water across the Pacific to the USA. Its brand is certified as carbon neutral.

The company’s founder is known as Ryan Emmons. This was after he discovered that the water he drank in Hawaii during his family vacations was special and different from the one in the USA. The sourcing of the water is also specific and unique from Hilo town in southern Hawaii.

The company is uniquely known not only for its naturally alkaline water but also for sustainable and eco-friendly packaging. The use of degradable plastic is a step forward in the right direction for the company that cares about the environment. The Waiakea water is sustainable renewable and sourced from natural sources hence the packaging had to have some element of the same.