Todd Levine: What Can A Commercial Litigator Do For You

Based in Miami, Florida, attorney Todd Levine holds over twenty-five years of experience in the fields of complex real estate litigation. In addition, Todd Levine is also the founding member of Kluger, Kaplan, Silverman, Katzen, & Levine, P.L, the attorney handles all prospectives of the field, from sellers to buyers, business and has even delved into financial investment partnerships and financial arrangements. Therefore, There’s no doubt why Todd Levine is one of the most sought out attorney’s in Florida. In a sit-down interview, Todd Levine gives us a few words of advice on when we should hire a commercial litigator.


Why Hire A Commerical Litigator?


In the world of business, the chances of getting caught up in a business dispute are pretty high, it’s of course not fun to talk about future conflicts, however, having the right litigator ready to step in is a must for any serious business.


What Exactly Does A Commerical Litigator Do?


Commercial disputes are a very complex situation to handle, it is my job as your attorney to bring clarity to the clients and detailed preparedness before the company is even in court. Disputes are messy and as an attorney, the best situation would be to come to a resolution before a judge, but sometimes that’s not the case, so a proven court experienced attorney is the best choice.


Why are Todd Levine and his associates the best choice?


Waiting too long to contact a litigator can be detrimental to your business, and we fully understand the daunting task of looking for an attorney, so we highly encourage you to use some of the many attorneys finding tools out there. Our team is ready we with the most modern methods and data tools to fight for your business, remember, the best way to deal with a dispute is to remain calm and let your team of attorneys handle the case.

Jason Hope And His Relationship With SENS Research Foundation

Jason Hope is a famous entrepreneur from Scottsdale, Arizona who in the past showed an interest in anti-aging research. His career focuses on biotechnology, philanthropy, and investing in startups. Hope considers that t that cutting-edge techniques can prevent certain diseases, such as high blood pressure, diabetes, dementia, and osteoporosis. Back in 2010, he donated $500,000 to Strategies for Engineered Negligible Senescence Research Foundation, which focuses on examining techniques that can slow down the processes that are associated with aging. The organization is based in Mountain View, California and seeks to increase the availability of technology that might reduce the effects of aging.

During a conference in December of 2010, the leader of the organization noted that the donation made by Jason Hope will help them manage a number of new initiatives. The two developed a friendship based on their shared interests, and as a result discussed about strategies that could improve the health of the mitochondria, manage extracellular matrix, reduce the effects of atherosclerosis, decrease oxidative stress, and also develop compounds that can effectively rejuvenate the aging cells.

As a result of the donation made by Jason Hope, the Strategies for Engineered Negligible Senescence Research Foundation examined techniques that can beneficial compounds to atrophied cells. Many reports indicated that the strategy may might increase the thickness of the tissue, improve energy, reduce the symptoms of arthritis, and decrease the risk of dementia.

Hope attended the Arizona State University, earning a degree in finance, and later on receiving an MBA degree from W.P. Carey School of Business. Jason Hope talked about the foundation and praised their work, endorsing their strategies to fight diseases such as Alzheimer’s and diabetes. He also predicted that SENS Research Foundation would help bring changes to the medical industry, which will lead to the complete redefining of the biotech, pharmaceutical, and healthcare industries altogether. He mentioned his appreciation for the fact that the foundation does not focus on treading individual conditions and diseases, but they focus on identifying and repairing the damage that aging causes to the human body before that damage can results in issues and diseases.

Matt Badiali And His Take On Copper

Investors looking for guidance on spotting appropriate resource companies may want to take advice from geologist and financial advisor Matt Badiali. He is the editor of the newsletter the Real Wealth Strategist. There are individuals who swear they achieved double or triple-digit gains due to his stock picks. He first considered a career in academics and attended the University of North Carolina to earn his Ph.D., however, a friend of his convinced him that he could help others make money by combining his knowledge as a geologist with picking high-quality natural resource investments. He achieved name recognition in the world of finance after successfully identifying a valuable resource stock at the height of the financial crisis and it proved to be extremely profitable. He has been sought after in the financial community to advise people on ensuring a natural resource asset is legit.

Matt Badiali has recently uncovered that the demand for copper is much greater than the supply, however, the price of copper is in a downtrend. He believes that demand and supply fundamentals don’t make any sense and believes copper should not be falling. He believes the disconnect in the price of copper is creating an opportunity for long-term value investors who feel that copper is a great pick. The copper market has been experiencing supply deficits and Matt Badiali believes these deficits are going to be common over the next several years. He feels strongly that the electric car is going to disrupt the auto industry and create a surge in the demand for copper because the electric vehicle is going to require an enormous amount of copper.

Many analysts believe that the trade war between the United States and China needs to end quickly, otherwise the world will go into a recession. In a recession, the demand for copper usually declines. This trade war fear is the reason that the speculators are so bearish about the price of copper and continue to drive the commodity down. Matt Badiali feels that the fear displayed by these traders is not warranted. He feels that the supply of copper is only going to be driven lower and new mines will take many years to begin production. He feels these drivers will thrust copper into a bull market.

Dherbs A Full Body Cleanse

A new year, and a new body is one of the most common new years resolutions. Unfortunately, for most people they tend to fall off the wagon in a few months. There are several advertisements for a quick fix. What most people do not realize is, 90% of the time those gimmicks fail. In order to correct the outside of your body, you have to tackle the toxins inside, before a real change can occur. This is where Dherbs can play a crucial part in your full body transformation.

The creator of the full body cleanse is the wellness expert A.D. Dolphin. He has helped transform celebrities along with every day people. There’s no wonder Dherbs has received high recognition for the past 10 years. This wellness plan is customized specifically for each individual. This type of a specific plan maximizes the clients fullest potential, starting from their core. Not only will their waistline slim down, their quality of life will be heightened.

As a whole, our society has done a terrible job of polluting out bodies. This starts from the air we breath, to the heavily processed foods being consumed. The full body cleanse will rid your body of these substances, allowing your system to reboot. Dherbs ensures you body is maintaining the correct pH levels along with aiding the digestive system. Your internal organs such as liver, kidneys, and colon are given a chance to function properly with the removal of antigens. The full body cleanse consists of six formulas along with a raw vegan diet. The full body cleanse is a lifestyle change. There have been numerous success stories, some have felt results in just a few days. If you are looking to upgrade your life and rid your body of toxins then this full body cleanse is exactly what your system needs.

How Stream Energy Combines Service Delivery and Philanthropy

When hurricane Harvey wreaked havoc in Houston and the neighboring areas, many people and companies had no alternative but to helplessly watch as the residents died, homes swept and property destroyed. Stream Energy is involved in many philanthropic activities. The company participates in community-based activities in Texas and its surroundings through the company’s foundation called Stream Cares. During Hurricane Harvey period, the company displayed itself as a significant example in philanthropy and charity, something that the company proved to be part of its agenda. The company supported the victims in a big way contrary to the rest companies who sat back. Stream Energy gave out more than just the available money it earned in energy sales. It is not common to have a business or a corporation to have a different philanthropic arm and continues to do other jobs.

The company must balance between its performance and the community-based operations in general so that it could maintain respect for the customers and the other members of the public. When the company is involved in giving back to the society, it’s most publicized. Giving back to the community is highly publicized and very healthy for the management. It helps very much, especially if the company’s profit dips. If it results in retrenching workers, those who lead in philanthropic are usually spared. American companies are generous when it comes to philanthropy, and Stream Energy is not an exemption. An example was in 2016 when charities in America received donations worth $16 billion from the companies and businesses.


Stream Cares collaborates with Red Cross and Habitat for Humanity where the management and the employees are engaged in grassroots donations, which boost its record of accomplishment in philanthropy. Stream Energy has a light business plan whereby it pays its partners who look for clients and sell them a variety of its products ranging from direct energy sales to mobile packages. In return, the company provides virtual doctors and telemedicine at discounted prices. The commission earned by associates is used to support a program of their choice. In Dallas, the employs and the company itself are concerned about homelessness. The company and the employees jointly track the homeless people in Dallas and support them.

Rick Shinto and Penelope Kokkinides of InnovaCare Health

InnovaCare Health is a company that provides Medicare Advantage plans and seeks to help lower-income patients get integrated and quality medical services. Its president and CEO is Rick Shinto, while it’s Chief Administrative Officer is Penelope Kokkinides.


Rick Shinto became a member of California’s North American Medical Management (NAMM) group in 1998. He quickly went on to see the difficulties that some patients had affording health care in the ever-changing market, as well as the lack of operational expertise among physicians themselves. His work with NAMM over the years eventually led to the founding of InnovaCare Health in 2012.


He has had a long and eventful career even before his work with InnovaCare Health. Beginning as a internist and pulmonologist, Shinto eventually became a corporate vice president for MedPartners from 1995 until 1997, and then Chief Operating Officer (COO) and Chief Marketing Officer for the Medical Pathways Management Company. He was also CEO of NAMM California until 2008, at which point he became president and CEO of Aveta Inc. Currently he is also the CEO of InnovaCare’s Puerto Rican subsidiaries, and also works on the boards of the America’s Health Insurance Plans (AHIP) and America’s Physician Groups.


Penelope Kokkinides, meanwhile, has twenty years of experience in the health care field herself, with a specialty in the managed care industry and government programs. In the past she has served as the COO of Aveta Inc. and InnovaCare plus vice president of clinical operations. She has also worked as the COO for both Touchstone Health and Centerlight HealthCare; for the latter she was in charge of the goals of the managed care division. She also worked for AmeriChoice (a business subsidiary of UnitedHealth Group), where she was a corporate vice president in charge of both care management and disease management.  For more details you can visit


After rejoining the company in 2015, Penelope Kokkinides gave an interview with IdeaMensch, a website dedicated to entrepreneurship. One interesting thing that she said in this discussion is that she has never had a “bad” job, because regardless of aspects that she may not have liked, each one helped her to learn how to become a better professional. Even working at a department store in her younger days allowed her to learn networking skills with her customers, which at the time allowed her to get her mother a better job and no doubt helps with her business acumen today. To see more you can checkout






Rocketship Education: Providing Critical Life Skills to Students at an Early Stage

Rocketship Education has been known to offer data-driven instruction, with additional planning and analysis of all the training materials. Learning methods are changing on a daily basis. Moreover, the advanced in technology means that the education provided by the schools. This institution uses modern techniques of learning by ensuring that data back all the training materials used in the institution. Moreover, the data is first analyzed and the results planned professionally so that the analyzed information can be delivered to the students.

It is not only advanced methods of data analysis and planning are used at Rocketship Education. The elementary learning institutions have also been incorporating critical thinking, which helps the students to develop critical thinking skills at an early age. Most of the factors that individuals to after they grow up are not much theoretical but mostly depend on how an individual can analyze situations and come up with a clear solution. This explains why the organizations think training on critical thinking is a good thing to offer to the students.

The other aspect of training that make Rocketship Education systems better than other systems in the industry include teaching common life skills that all kids need to have so that they can have a better life. It is important to highlight that students will continue interacting with other individuals later in life, which means life skills such as core values and strong behavioral skills will be very important.

Lastly, personalized training has proved to be one of the best methods of offering knowledge and skills to the students. Rocketship Education can go further to ensure that the customized way of teaching helps in providing that students learn what they need and what is of interest to them. The personalized training can also assist in teaching students with special needs such as the disabled students among others.

About Rocketship Education

This is a group of elementary schools, K-5, which operate at San Jose, in the state of California. The schools comprise a large number of minority students who require training and education but finds difficult to access it due to higher expenses charged at private elementary schools.

Roles Played by Sheldon Lavin Towards Enhancing the Growth of OSI Group

Sheldon Lavin is the current Chairman and the Chief Executive Officer of OSI Group, a company that is the global leader in food supplies in major retail outlets. They started their operations by supplying meat products across Aurora. Sheldon came to know the activities of OSI Group as an outsider and he never knew that he could end up serving in such a prestigious position. In 1970, he had already started to be involved in the group’s operations. During that period, the company was called Otto & Sons Company and it was owned as well as managed by Otto and his two sons.

Sheldon Lavin’s History at the Company

In 1970, the company was full of great potential and they got an opportunity to supply Hamburger to McDonald’s Corporation. The company was going through a very rough financial path and they could not manage to deliver anything. They decided to look for a consultant to chart the way forward. His contributions were immense and they were able to get financing from great institutions. That was the beginning of their expansions and they felt they owed Sheldon.

BY 1975, Sheldon had become a regular person at the company and he became actively involved in the company’s leadership. He worked at helping the business expand to other continents and it was during this period when Otto decided to retire. Sheldon agreed to continue partnering with the sons for the company’s success. As a result, the company was able to change from Otto & Sons to Osi Group. The company through the active involvement of Sheldon Lavin started penetrating internationally. Some of the countries they managed to expand to during that period are South Africa, North America, Europe, Australia, the Philippines, Taiwan, Asia and also Japan.

After helping the company spread to all those countries, Sheldon Lavin managed to purchase 100% voting control of the company and thus taking over the position of the chairman. He managed to change how the food and meat processing industry used to operate. The company has since then started specializing in large-scale operations.

Sheldon Lavin works under the collaboration of focused individuals who are passionate about career growth as well as success. He has managed to enhance teamwork across the whole industry. Currently, the company has employed over 20,000 employees who have been able to grow in their career at OSI Group.

Sahm Adrangi Continues To Feel Obligated To Warn Investors When Company’s Have Become Overvalued

Investment management firm Kerrisdale Capital Management, LLC is an organization that places its emphasis on the areas of special situations that are driven by events as well as investments that hold a great deal of long-term value. The firm was founded by its inspirational leader Sahm Adrangi who continues to be a major force behind the success at Kerrisdale.

Sahm has always made it a major priority to advise the investment world whenever a particular publically traded company is at a valuation that is higher than actual reality. Recently, Sahm Adrangi has released some critical reports in regard to a couple different companies – QuinStreet, Inc. and Proteostasis Therapeutics, Inc.

QuinStreet, Inc. is a company that works in the area of internet marketing. The firm has recently seen its stock price quadruple causing its investors to become very optimistic about the future of a firm that has struggled for some time. Despite these recent developments, Kerrisdale Capital Management and Sahm Adrangi have recently issued a report that paints a negative picture regarding the state of QuinStreet. A large part of the scepticism that Sahm Adrangi has expressed regarding QuinStreet is due to the company’s business practices which lack transparency and fail to really give investors a view into how the company operates.

The fact that a large part of the traffic QuinStreet is now receiving is coming from dubious sources such as adware and paid surveys among other things is of great concern to the experts at Kerrisdale Capital Management. These are some of the primary reasons that Sahm Adrangi cautions investors that this is a company that is currently overvalued.

Sahm Adrangi and the Kerrisdale team have also recently issued a negative report in regard to a company called Proteostasis Therapeutics, Inc. This is a biopharmaceutical firm that is still in its developmental stage of building its business. It is currently in development of a drug that is meant to treat the condition of cystic fibrosis. Through diligent research, the team at Kerrisdale Capital have come to the conclusion that this drug will not be the breakthrough that it is reported to be and will ultimately prove ineffective. For this reasons, the experts at Kerrisdale Capital feel obligated to label this company as being overvalued for its current stock price which recently increased by one-hundred percent.

The Successfully Talented Alex Pall and The Challenges His Band The Chainsmokers Is Facing Today

When one talks about success, it’s always about money or any monetary value. It’s about how much wealth the successful person has or the amount of influence that they have received in their work. However, in the case with The Chainsmokers’ Alex Pall, success is the ability to create more music, evolve the creations and learn more from other artists. It is through such attitude towards success that Alex Pall has made The Chainsmokers one of the most relevant, flourishing EDM creators in the global music scene today.

Many of the important details that any interested and eager fan could read about The Chainsmokers is found in The Interview Magazine. It is there that readers can learn how the work relations between The Chainsmokers and artist Halsey started, and how the career of Alex Pall would look like as he is facing a lot of creative growth and changes in the many years to come. The article also revealed that what challenges Alex Pall today is to evolve his music and contribution to the duo band. He is now trying to master electronic tricks and other soundscapes that can give a human element to the kind of music that The Chainsmokers creates. EDM artists like deadmau5 are trying to distance themselves from their music by not having their faces shown. Alex Pall in The Chainsmokers wants to do something entirely different and opposite.

This new strategy of Alex Pall would mean that he would be singing his own songs, writing his own lyrics and he would also appear in the music videos themselves. His music would be more revealing now, weaving more sense of closeness and personal touch to every chord or lyric he writes. It is also detailed in the interview that Alex Pall now faces more pressure as they are still creating more music to a larger scale of people.

Now that the college students who listen to their music are now familiar with almost every kind of music, Pall feels this sense of pressure to create more elaborate stunts in their musical performances. This is because Pall himself admits that he doesn’t want to do the same things all over again. He wants every performance to be fresh, exciting and will give the audience the time of their lives.