Doe Deere — Extraordinaire

How could one woman come to America and build a multi-million dollar brands? Well many have tried and many have failed. However, we all know of one who didn’t. Doe Deere came to America and made her mark as well as made her dreams come true. Born in Russia, Doe Deere came to New York City with a dream to be great at the young age of only seventeen. She later was married and moved to Los Angeles. That’s where her dreams would later take off and she would be created one of the most loved brands in the cosmetic industry. She managed to launch Lime Crime, one of the first vegan-free and cruelty-free makeup brands. This brand is popular for its vibrant color and high pigmented products. Not to mention, vegans have been needing a brand that is vegan use approved and has amazingly high pigmented eye shadow palettes. She has an incredibly huge following and also have other business ventures that she is working on.

After many years of focusing on business and growth Deere and her husband have welcomed their own successor into the world. There has been news that the brand is going public. Many people fear that when companies go public that they will be re-branded and be different from what they used to be. Therefore, the possibility of losing that pizzazz that made people fall in love with them. However, with Lime Crime its been a great brand that has yet to fail us in over 10 years. Many are anxious to see what Deere has up her sleeve next so we can be the first to get it off the shelves. As we know a brand as popular as Lime Crime is always got products that are sold out.

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