Igor Cornelsen’s Insight on Brazilian Banking

Igor Cornelsen, possibly Brazil’s most well-respected banker and investor, has more experience in his field than most individuals in the workforce do. For decades, he has worked in Brazil’s business industry, so he has some serious grounds for giving advice. Luckily, Cornelsen has recently done exactly that, hoping to pass on the knowledge he has attained over the course of his life to a new generation of business workers.

According to Cornelsen, the most fundamental factor for success in business is pure knowledge. There are some subjects which cannot be fully taught through sheer discussion; some lessons must be learned one’s own. However, in regards to the very basics of banking, he was happy to provide individuals interesting in entering the field with the fundamentals he built his career upon. By following the advice given by Cornelsen and sticking to one’s work, success is bound to come sooner or later.

Cornelsen broke the basics of Brazilian banking into a few separate points. Firstly, Cornelsen urges individuals who are serious about their work to identify the major players in the industry. He asserts that, in Brazil, this consists of the ten most powerful banking corporations in Brazil. To understand one’s industry, one must understand the competitors.

Secondly, he urges employees to look up to the new figures in the world of Brazilian banking but to also remain skeptical of them. For example, the recent appointment of a new finance minister in Brazil could either bring about “real economic reform,” or he could not. Cornelsen also asks for aspiring young business workers to pay attention to China, as the economies of Brazil and China are strongly connected.

The last piece of advice Cornelsen offers is, in essence, to exercise extreme caution. He connects this in particular with the unstable value of currency. Genuine value of assets can shift on a dime, so one must always have multiple layers of assets in order to stay afloat.

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