How to Keep Your Hair Fresh for Fall

Fall is everyone’s favorite time of year, but the dry, cold weather can be rough on your hair. Here are some basic tips for keeping your hair feeling fresh and healthy all through the season.


One of the most important things to remember is to keep your hair moisturized. An easy way to do this is to use extra conditioner and to be careful not to over-shampoo. The “Fall Fresh Apple Cleansing Conditioner” by WEN is a favorite, since it deeply nourishes hair while providing a fresh scent perfect for fall.

Almond Treatment:

During these cold months especially, avoid washing your hair every day. According to, you should only shampoo every other day, and avoid harsh chemicals which strip your hair. Brands like WEN by Chaz use essential oils and natural ingredients to keep your hair healthy.


The final fall hair care tip is to give your hair some extra pampering this season. Pick up a hair mask or a replenishing mist to give your hair an extra treat which will enhance its natural glow, get rid of unwanted frizz, and create a gorgeous silky texture.


WEN by Chaz has some seasonal products which can help to bring luster and shine to your hair. Try the Fall Vanilla White Pumpkin treatment oil for deep nourishing, or the Tuscan Pear Hydrating Mask to ease the effects of dry air and to thicken and smooth your hair. Trust me, your hair will thank you! Check out the product’s wiki page to learn more.

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Todd Levine: What Can A Commercial Litigator Do For You

Based in Miami, Florida, attorney Todd Levine holds over twenty-five years of experience in the fields of complex real estate litigation. In addition, Todd Levine is also the founding member of Kluger, Kaplan, Silverman, Katzen, & Levine, P.L, the attorney handles all prospectives of the field, from sellers to buyers, business and has even delved into financial investment partnerships and financial arrangements. Therefore, There’s no doubt why Todd Levine is one of the most sought out attorney’s in Florida. In a sit-down interview, Todd Levine gives us a few words of advice on when we should hire a commercial litigator.


Why Hire A Commerical Litigator?


In the world of business, the chances of getting caught up in a business dispute are pretty high, it’s of course not fun to talk about future conflicts, however, having the right litigator ready to step in is a must for any serious business.


What Exactly Does A Commerical Litigator Do?


Commercial disputes are a very complex situation to handle, it is my job as your attorney to bring clarity to the clients and detailed preparedness before the company is even in court. Disputes are messy and as an attorney, the best situation would be to come to a resolution before a judge, but sometimes that’s not the case, so a proven court experienced attorney is the best choice.


Why are Todd Levine and his associates the best choice?


Waiting too long to contact a litigator can be detrimental to your business, and we fully understand the daunting task of looking for an attorney, so we highly encourage you to use some of the many attorneys finding tools out there. Our team is ready we with the most modern methods and data tools to fight for your business, remember, the best way to deal with a dispute is to remain calm and let your team of attorneys handle the case.

Reasons Why Talkspace is the Future of Therapy

Mental health is one of the most neglected health aspects in the world. The main reason why mental health receives less attention is the complexity it has and lack of professional presence outside traditional medical centers. Fortunately, the world is now moving to a friendlier era where people suffering from mental health can get help easily. One if the most innovative ways to deal with mental health is Talkspace- a legendary way of using technology to reach to millions of people with mental health concerns. The platform is designed to tap professional assistance without necessarily moving from the comfort of your home.

What makes Talkspace unique? First, the platform has over 2000 therapists, which are licensed. These therapists are diverse to give patients a wider variety of assistance. It is also important to note that the platform has one of the best approaches to mental health therapy. Unlike other platforms where there is no specific procedure or treatment, Talkspace is not only a home to many therapists but good treatment procedures. These procedures acknowledge that different people have different preferences. This means therefore that although the platform has the same treatment process, there is a customized treatment. Customized treatment ensures high success rates.

A scan through the Talkspace (@talkspace) Twitter account gives an impression of a modern therapy center with an aim of helping millions of people around the world. With more than 15000 tweets and more than 27,000 followers, the entity is able to communicate effectively the message of a better approach to mental health using technology. In other social media platforms, the entity is able to share tips on mental health, which are exceptionally helpful. The recent tweets from Talkspace was a thread on how to handle a person with depression in a dating scenario.

Since Talkspace is a modern platform with an aim of using technology to help people, the platform is available in all available platforms. There is a dedicated phone app for both iOS and Android. Alternatively, a patient can use a laptop to reach to a therapist. The availability of this platform in these mediums does not compromise the need for security, especially personal information.

Jason Hope And His Relationship With SENS Research Foundation

Jason Hope is a famous entrepreneur from Scottsdale, Arizona who in the past showed an interest in anti-aging research. His career focuses on biotechnology, philanthropy, and investing in startups. Hope considers that t that cutting-edge techniques can prevent certain diseases, such as high blood pressure, diabetes, dementia, and osteoporosis. Back in 2010, he donated $500,000 to Strategies for Engineered Negligible Senescence Research Foundation, which focuses on examining techniques that can slow down the processes that are associated with aging. The organization is based in Mountain View, California and seeks to increase the availability of technology that might reduce the effects of aging.

During a conference in December of 2010, the leader of the organization noted that the donation made by Jason Hope will help them manage a number of new initiatives. The two developed a friendship based on their shared interests, and as a result discussed about strategies that could improve the health of the mitochondria, manage extracellular matrix, reduce the effects of atherosclerosis, decrease oxidative stress, and also develop compounds that can effectively rejuvenate the aging cells.

As a result of the donation made by Jason Hope, the Strategies for Engineered Negligible Senescence Research Foundation examined techniques that can beneficial compounds to atrophied cells. Many reports indicated that the strategy may might increase the thickness of the tissue, improve energy, reduce the symptoms of arthritis, and decrease the risk of dementia.

Hope attended the Arizona State University, earning a degree in finance, and later on receiving an MBA degree from W.P. Carey School of Business. Jason Hope talked about the foundation and praised their work, endorsing their strategies to fight diseases such as Alzheimer’s and diabetes. He also predicted that SENS Research Foundation would help bring changes to the medical industry, which will lead to the complete redefining of the biotech, pharmaceutical, and healthcare industries altogether. He mentioned his appreciation for the fact that the foundation does not focus on treading individual conditions and diseases, but they focus on identifying and repairing the damage that aging causes to the human body before that damage can results in issues and diseases.

Matt Badiali And His Take On Copper

Investors looking for guidance on spotting appropriate resource companies may want to take advice from geologist and financial advisor Matt Badiali. He is the editor of the newsletter the Real Wealth Strategist. There are individuals who swear they achieved double or triple-digit gains due to his stock picks. He first considered a career in academics and attended the University of North Carolina to earn his Ph.D., however, a friend of his convinced him that he could help others make money by combining his knowledge as a geologist with picking high-quality natural resource investments. He achieved name recognition in the world of finance after successfully identifying a valuable resource stock at the height of the financial crisis and it proved to be extremely profitable. He has been sought after in the financial community to advise people on ensuring a natural resource asset is legit.

Matt Badiali has recently uncovered that the demand for copper is much greater than the supply, however, the price of copper is in a downtrend. He believes that demand and supply fundamentals don’t make any sense and believes copper should not be falling. He believes the disconnect in the price of copper is creating an opportunity for long-term value investors who feel that copper is a great pick. The copper market has been experiencing supply deficits and Matt Badiali believes these deficits are going to be common over the next several years. He feels strongly that the electric car is going to disrupt the auto industry and create a surge in the demand for copper because the electric vehicle is going to require an enormous amount of copper.

Many analysts believe that the trade war between the United States and China needs to end quickly, otherwise the world will go into a recession. In a recession, the demand for copper usually declines. This trade war fear is the reason that the speculators are so bearish about the price of copper and continue to drive the commodity down. Matt Badiali feels that the fear displayed by these traders is not warranted. He feels that the supply of copper is only going to be driven lower and new mines will take many years to begin production. He feels these drivers will thrust copper into a bull market.