How Can You Protect Your Money From Inflation? US Money Reserve Offers Their Advice

Inflation is a word that’s been coming up quite a bit recently. It’s a term that seems almost inconsequential, especially with the annual rates almost always being in the single digits. But inflation can have far-reaching consequences for both the average person and the economy as a whole. The inflation rate serves as a gauge of financial stability and economic well-being.

Quite a few market-watchers seem worried about our current inflation rate. But is their worry justified? US Money Reserve has taken a close look at the historical data and our current economy, and they’ve given an explanation of how inflation can affect the average person, and what they can do to outpace it.


All the recent talk of inflation has many people wondering what inflation is, and how it affects them. Inflation, at its core, is simply a measure of how the prices of goods and services around the nation increase over time as the dollar’s purchasing power decreases. If inflation is more than zero percent, which it almost always is, then that means the average price of goods is going up, and you’ll be spending more to get the same things over time. While you’re not likely to see the effects of inflation over months or even a year or two, it can wreak havoc on long-term investments or careers. If, after working somewhere for ten years, your pay hasn’t increased, but inflation has continued to raise the price of goods, then you’ll find it harder to maintain your lifestyle as the years go on. Retirement funds, loans, and savings accounts are all affected by inflation, as well as almost any other investment which is tied to the value of the dollar. If your savings don’t gain interest faster than inflation devalues your money, then you’ll be losing purchasing power over the years. This can be especially disastrous for retirement.


But how can you keep your purchasing power, and stave off the profound effects of inflation on your financial well-being? The key is diversification of your assets. Investing in assets that aren’t tied completely to the value of the dollar will help your money retain its value, or even increase it. Adding assets such as shares in companies with offshore operations or industries with high international stability can help you retain purchasing power even if the dollar loses value. However, one of the best investments for maintaining purchasing power is physical gold. Gold has historically risen in value faster than inflation has dropped the value of the dollar, and has consistently managed to retain its immense value across the world.



US Money Reserve

The leading distributor of government-issue gold, silver, and platinum is US Money Reserve. They’ve helped hundreds of thousands of individuals to outpace inflation by giving them the information and advice they need, as well as providing them with investment opportunities in precious metals, and helping them to protect their money from devaluation. US Money Reserve has a reputation for excellence, and that’s a reputation that they’ve upheld rigorously over their many years in operation.


The Reasons behind The Success Of Securus Technologies In Development Of Wireless Containment Solution

Securus Technologies is a company that is in the forefront in improving safety in the prisons. The company has succeeded in restricting the use of contraband phones in the prisons. The illegal phones used to be employed in organized criminal activities in the society. Securus Technologies has gained a reputation in various parts of the world due to the installation of Wireless Containment Solution in various prisons. The technology has helped in curtailing the illegal calls from the prisons.

Securus Technologies has provided services that are essential in improving the safety conditions in the state. The company has succeeded in offering detainee communications and emergency response services. The contraband phones in prisons are posing threats to the national security. The lives of prison officers and their families are at risk when the prisoners are accessing illegal phones. One of the officers who has suffered from the crime organized by inmates is Johnson. The officers were striving to confiscate illegal items in prison. One day he was lucky to obtained drugs worth $50,000 which belonged to one of the inmates. The inmate organized a gang to shot the officer using a contraband phone. The attempted murder failed, and the officer lived to tell how he survived six bullets. The organizer of the crime, Sean Echols, was confessed that the crime was organized from the prison.

The incident that happened to Ronald Johnson must have incited the Securus Technologies to come up with a technology that guarantees the prison officers safety. The company enhances safety in the society by ensuring that the inmates do not access contraband phones. Most of the prisons have banned the use of illegal cells phones by the inmates. Wireless Containment Solution is the only technology in the current generation that can control illegal calls in the prisons. The prisons use the technology to filter the incoming and the outgoing calls. Some calls which perpetrate the safety of the society are blocked.

Ronald Johnson serves at Securus Technologies as a consultant. He elaborated on the need to install the Wireless Containment Solution to the Federal Communications Commission (FCC) in 2017. He reiterated that the technology was necessary if the highest level of safety has to be achieved in prisons. Wireless Containment System determines how the calls should be addressed once they enter the local network. The technology has worked successfully in over ten prisons in the USA.

Securus Technologies conducted research and established that over 1.7 million illegal calls were made by the inmates between 2016 and 2017. The figures forced the company to invest $40 million in developing Wireless Containment Solution. The technology has yielded positive results in reducing crimes and violence in the society.


Jose Hawilla – an epitome of successful entrepreneur

Entrepreneurs have a defining quality to radically improve the world on multiple fronts. Not only can they meet the economic needs but also help their own employees to work to their fullest potential and achieve their dreams. Some of the traits of a good entrepreneur are:


They love what they do. In other words, they strongly believe that you could persevere tough times only when you are in love with your work as it keeps you going.


They constantly look at opportunities to expand their businesses and come up with great ideas to be at the top of their respective business.


Successful entrepreneurs are very agile. They are very adaptive when it comes to changing executions when things do not go according to the plan.


They have a great level of emotional intelligence. They are totally aware of the impact their decisions would have on their employees. They would also strive to keep their employees motivated and happy in the workplace.


They are self-aware and are never intimidated by failures. They, in fact, see failures as an opportunity to make things better.


Good entrepreneurs also get motivated by the challenges they face. It just makes them more cautious in the future to avoid repeating it.


Jose Hawilla, a Brazilian businessman is a perfect example of a successful entrepreneur. He wore multiple hats across his illustrious career ranging from journalism to producer and now heads Traffic, a multi-million dollar sports marketing company in Brazil. He was phenomenal in transforming his organization from a small advertising agency to a well-known commodity in the nation with over 600 employees. Jose Hawilla also played a pivotal role in the acquisition of the newspaper Diário de S. Paulo.


He regularly stresses the importance of information and equates that to wealth. According to him, in today’s technological era, an informed individual is more probable to be successful than the less informed ones. He always stresses the importance of being on the lookout for creative opportunities and executing them. He is very admired for his down to earth nature and humility. It is indeed a lot to learn from this business magnate.



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