Roles Played by Sheldon Lavin Towards Enhancing the Growth of OSI Group

Sheldon Lavin is the current Chairman and the Chief Executive Officer of OSI Group, a company that is the global leader in food supplies in major retail outlets. They started their operations by supplying meat products across Aurora. Sheldon came to know the activities of OSI Group as an outsider and he never knew that he could end up serving in such a prestigious position. In 1970, he had already started to be involved in the group’s operations. During that period, the company was called Otto & Sons Company and it was owned as well as managed by Otto and his two sons.

Sheldon Lavin’s History at the Company

In 1970, the company was full of great potential and they got an opportunity to supply Hamburger to McDonald’s Corporation. The company was going through a very rough financial path and they could not manage to deliver anything. They decided to look for a consultant to chart the way forward. His contributions were immense and they were able to get financing from great institutions. That was the beginning of their expansions and they felt they owed Sheldon.

BY 1975, Sheldon had become a regular person at the company and he became actively involved in the company’s leadership. He worked at helping the business expand to other continents and it was during this period when Otto decided to retire. Sheldon agreed to continue partnering with the sons for the company’s success. As a result, the company was able to change from Otto & Sons to Osi Group. The company through the active involvement of Sheldon Lavin started penetrating internationally. Some of the countries they managed to expand to during that period are South Africa, North America, Europe, Australia, the Philippines, Taiwan, Asia and also Japan.

After helping the company spread to all those countries, Sheldon Lavin managed to purchase 100% voting control of the company and thus taking over the position of the chairman. He managed to change how the food and meat processing industry used to operate. The company has since then started specializing in large-scale operations.

Sheldon Lavin works under the collaboration of focused individuals who are passionate about career growth as well as success. He has managed to enhance teamwork across the whole industry. Currently, the company has employed over 20,000 employees who have been able to grow in their career at OSI Group.

The Successfully Talented Alex Pall and The Challenges His Band The Chainsmokers Is Facing Today

When one talks about success, it’s always about money or any monetary value. It’s about how much wealth the successful person has or the amount of influence that they have received in their work. However, in the case with The Chainsmokers’ Alex Pall, success is the ability to create more music, evolve the creations and learn more from other artists. It is through such attitude towards success that Alex Pall has made The Chainsmokers one of the most relevant, flourishing EDM creators in the global music scene today.

Many of the important details that any interested and eager fan could read about The Chainsmokers is found in The Interview Magazine. It is there that readers can learn how the work relations between The Chainsmokers and artist Halsey started, and how the career of Alex Pall would look like as he is facing a lot of creative growth and changes in the many years to come. The article also revealed that what challenges Alex Pall today is to evolve his music and contribution to the duo band. He is now trying to master electronic tricks and other soundscapes that can give a human element to the kind of music that The Chainsmokers creates. EDM artists like deadmau5 are trying to distance themselves from their music by not having their faces shown. Alex Pall in The Chainsmokers wants to do something entirely different and opposite.

This new strategy of Alex Pall would mean that he would be singing his own songs, writing his own lyrics and he would also appear in the music videos themselves. His music would be more revealing now, weaving more sense of closeness and personal touch to every chord or lyric he writes. It is also detailed in the interview that Alex Pall now faces more pressure as they are still creating more music to a larger scale of people.

Now that the college students who listen to their music are now familiar with almost every kind of music, Pall feels this sense of pressure to create more elaborate stunts in their musical performances. This is because Pall himself admits that he doesn’t want to do the same things all over again. He wants every performance to be fresh, exciting and will give the audience the time of their lives.

How Jeunesse Gives the World the Best

Jeunesse Is for a Long Life

Jeunesse is a company that was started on September 9th, 2009. This is a company that was formed by Randy Ray and Wendy Lewis. They are two individuals who were able to find huge success as entrepreneurs, and they made the decision to come out of retirement in order to create an amazing youth enhancement product. Not only is Jeunesse a company that makes the most innovative youth care products, but this company also has a highly rewarding compensation plan for its distributors. Jeunesse is a company that has a global direct sales platform that has enabled thousands of people to improve their lives and to grow. Jeunesse is a company that has the mission to empower people to live healthier and longer lives.

The Luminesce Anti-Aging Line

Luminesce is a popular product that is made by Jeunesse. This is a product that has APT-200 as one of its main ingredients. Jeunesse enables you to reduce the appearance of wrinkles and fine lines on your skin with regular use. The properties that are found in Luminesce allow you to have skin that looks smoother and younger.


NV is a cosmetic skin care line that also has APT-200 as its main ingredient. NV is a skin care product that is made to help you to maintain your youthful skin and it also gives your skin a flawless finish. This is a cosmetic line that offers you beauty with benefits. NV has a skin-perfecting agent that leaves you sin looking like it has been airbrushed.

Jeunesse and the World

Jeunesse is on a mission to become a word wide name. Apart from skin care and cosmetic products, Jeunesse offers products that help you to maintain optimum health. Not only do Jeunesse’s products help you to look and feel your best, but the company model has the power to positively change lives through empowerment.

Western Union Embraces Advancements in Global Currency Payments with PSI Pay

PSI Pay is something that has been prevalent in the UK for a while, but now there is also a need for this type of growth of global currency exchange in the United States. People have come to recognize that there is a lot that hinges on the world of getting money from one party to another. The e-wallet has giving people a whole new way to look at moving money without actually taking any physical money from one bank and putting it into another.

The cumbersome transactions that have plagued a lot of people that were struggling to transfer money is a thing of the past. Western Union is taking the necessary steps to make sure that people that want to use e-wallet concepts and get money instantly can get this done with no hassle.

This is great for transactions between friends, but it also works well between clients and businesses. The business model is certainly shifting and the ability to get currency in new ways is always going to be beneficial for any business. Clients that have cash on hand that want to make payments instantly, regardless of their location will be glad to know that Western Union and PSI Pay connections can make this feasible.

The PSI Pay model is based on a United Kingdom concept for building moving funds from one location to another. PSI pay also has a connection to MasterCard. All of these different concepts provide a viable means for makings payments and getting funds processed in a quick time frame.

People that are utilizing Western Union can see that there is a great amount of growth. The physical store concept is not the only method that people have at their disposal anymore. This is why this is working as well as it does. The new generation of people that are discovering Western Union are well aware that they can make payments to companies without going to their bank. They can get money to their friends without going to a bank. This has helped Western Union increase revenue and build better avenues for customers to send funds.

For Rodrigo Terpins it’s a case of hobby turned profession.

While undertaking his Degree in business management at the University of Sail Hilaire, Rodrigo Terpins knew that apart from a career in business he would eventually become a professional rally driver. He, however, was keen on acquiring his education and applying the same and this would come to pass, when he graduated and went on to work for Lojas Marisa, for a period of 16 years. It was during his time here that he was able to make a name for himself in the corporate world and would eventually rise to become president of the organization before leaving in 2007.

At the time he was already a member of the Bull Sertoes rally team. This was a team they had founded together with his brother, and they were already using the same in all their professional competitions. The team was showing a lot of promise, having already attracted a number of sponsors while they had also managed to get MEM Motorsport to be their main car partner. This would see Rodrigo Terpins opt not look for employment, but rather form his own company T5 Participacoes. This was a decision that would allow him more freedom and time to take part in what he really felt was his calling. Since then Rodrigo Terpins has become more active at the Sertoes rally and also enabled him to take part in other competitions. However, he still holds an executive seat at his company. For more details visit inspirery


His career and that of his Brother Michel Terpins have been intertwined to some extent, having encouraged him to leave the Cross Country and join him in rallying. They would come together to form a formidable team, and for the first few years, they competed as partners, enabling each of them to nurture their skills as drivers and navigators. As the years went by, they eventually decided to each get a navigator who would enable them to compete as two teams. This decision would see Rodrigo and Fabricio Manchiana take part in the 22nd edition of the Sertoes rally where they managed to become position three. This was an improvement for the team and promise better performance in the future.


Shafik Sachedina Is A Businessman Who Truly Embraces The Concept Of Community:

Shafik Sachedina, along with his business partner, Shiraz Boghani, is the co-founder of a healthcare and patient care company called Sussex Healthcare that operates in excess of twenty patient care homes in the greater Sussex, England region. The company recently celebrated its proud twenty-five year anniversary of serving the needs of a wide range of patients. Part of the reason that Sussex Healthcare has been able to develop such a dynamic formula for success is the fact that both co-founders come from different business background while at the same time both coming from the Ismaili community. This shared community has allowed them to seamlessly integrate their unique skill sets in order to create a patient care operation that has been making a huge difference in the lives of many for twenty-five years now. Shafik Sachedina has brought his background in the medical field while Shira Boghani has brought his expertise in the business of hospitality. This has proven to be a potent combination for a company that specializes in patient care.

Shafik Sachedina’s dedication to his native Ismaili community is as intense as his dedication to the work he does at Sussex Healthcare. He is well knowns for his volunteer work that he does within this tight-knit community and it would be impossible to say that this dedication to community service hasn’t been one of the major influencing factors in his dedication to his Sussex Healthcare patients. Voluntary service is one of the hallmarks of the Ismaili community and is seen as some of the most honorable work that an individual can ever do. This is why Shafik Sachedina dedicates so much of his time to Ismaili community issues. He does all of this work completely free of charge. With all of these considerations, it is not hard to see why Shafik Sachedina has become such a respected leader in the Ismaili and British communities.

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U.S Money Reserve’s star continues to shine in 2018

For the last few years, U.S Money Reserve has been in the limelight for all the good reasons. The company won the coveted AdSphere Awards for the second year in a row. Being the leading distributor of government issued gold and silver, U.S Money Reserve was recognized for leading in the Best of Short-form Category and Infomercials in the $350 billion Direct Response Television industry.


About the AdSphere Awards

AdSphere Awards were established to honor the leading brands and products in network cable advertisers in the direct selling industry. The awards are conferred by DRMetrix, a leading television company that conducts research for the direct response industry. The awarding ceremony was held in San Diego in April this year.


About the DRTV Industry

The direct response television industry is a booming sector that is currently valued at a little over $350 billion. The industry features a model that provides clients with the services that are a true reflection of their daily work. U.S Money Reserve was recognized for its ability to educate their clients about their products and turning leads into sales.


Following the recognition by DRMetrix, Angela, the CEO of U.S Money Reserve expressed her gratitude for being honored two years in a row with the competitive awards. She also noted that she was happy to be a part of the winning team at the U.S Money Reserve. According to the CEO, the awards show that U.S Money Reserve has some of the most talented staff working in the advertisement and production departments. She thanked them for their teamwork, which enabled them to win the awards for two years in a row.


The AdSphere Awards are some of the most inclusive awards in the U.S right now. They are closely monitoring over 7,700 brands and products. They have four main categories and numerous sub-categories which ensure that almost every industry is included in the awarding scheme. The organizers focus on performance-based tasks to showcase customer popularity and rewards brands and service providers with outstanding service delivery.


This year’s AdSphere Awards comes after the company landed a deal to become the sole distributor of the coin set for the 65th anniversary of the coronation of her majesty Queen Elizabeth II. With the deal in place, the American market can now access the Perth mint gold and silver coin set. The coins are made from pure gold and silver, and only a few were produced. U.S Money Reserve gives an opportunity for their customers to distribute their wealth by purchasing physical assets such as silver and gold.


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How MB2 Is Changing the Dental World

Dr Chris Steven Villanueva is the sole founder of MB2 Company. As an active dental practitioner, a Dr Villanueva vision is to bring out the best in both the sole-practitioner and the corporate dentistry in his line of work. With the experience, he got from both the corporate dentistry as well as a sole practitioner, Dr Chris Villanueva started MB2 Dental with a lot of knowledge on what it took to deliver the needed support in the industry without compromising the integrity of a career that he loves a lot. Since it was started, MB2 Dental has supported dental practitioners from over seventy allied locations in six states. The company has over five hundred employees, and its leadership plans to carry on the trend of excellence. According to Dr Villanueva, he aimed to bring something unique in the field and to look on more than profit side of a business and more

The idea that Dr. Villanueva had in mind when he was starting was that of a company that was dentist-owned and whose focus was on support, independence, individual growth and fun altogether. With the firm, it enables practices to see the progress that is beneficial to the patients who utilise them. The innovations further bring the improved standard for operations which in turn makes the practitioner happy and in the process creates an organic business growth at the end. According to Dr Chris Villanueva, when he was graduating from the dental school, there were only two options for the dentist which were either to join a corporate or either to start a private practice. The idea that was in his mind then was to come up with a model that would incorporate both sides and MB2 was the output where they put doctors first and so the patient.

MB2 was founded on the belief that when doctors work together, they can be of help to each other and in the process be able to accomplish more than ever working as individual dentists. The reasoning as per MB2 is that dental management and practice development can work together and this change lives for the better for both the dentists and the patients and also the dental industry in general. The MB2 practice owners go for a bi-yearly retreat where they use their time to enjoy with other like-minded dentists. Other retreats in the past have seen the owners enjoy white-water rafting and trips to Cabo San Lucas

Luiz Carlos Trabuco Cappi: How This Budding Businessman Influenced The Banking Sphere

With his unwavering sense of devotion and entrepreneurial flair, Luiz Carlos Trabuco Cappi managed to propel to the top of his industry over the course of four decades.

Banco Bradesco, the company to which Cappi’s remained steadfast, is a banking service headquartered in South America. Its roots run deep, dating back to 1943 when Amador Aguiar developed it. In the years since, Banco Bradesco’s undergone economic downturn, capricious markets, and unremitting periods of financial hardship. Fortunately, Luiz Carlos Trabuco Cappi, among other faithful and deft employees, employed their profound knowledge and acute insight to deliver Banco Bradesco from catastrophe.

As a newcomer, Luiz Carlos Trabuco Cappi was brought on board as a bank teller. Much like his business partners, Cappi had to flex his enterprising muscles in the name of ascending through the ranks. From the bold tasks he undertook to the high-risk occurrences he grappled with, Cappi bore himself with great skill, signaling to Banco Bradesco that Cappi was an indispensable asset. As the years progressed, Cappi’s commitment to Banco Bradesco grew stronger and more unshakeable. When he was appointed the head of Bradesco’s Seguros branch, an all-new and undoubtedly improved side of Cappi took shape.

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With Cappi on the front line of Seguros’s developments, it proved an excellent opportunity to manifest his merit. Cappi did just that as he maximized profits and bolstered the company’s financial institution. Not surprisingly, Cappi was handsomely rewarded for his efforts, earning a position as Director of Marketing a few years later. As Cappi donned his new hat, Banco Bradesco relied on him to connect with clients on a profound level, in turn boosting consumer engagement and sales. An innovator to the core, Cappi implemented two practices that were ostensibly unheard of during his stint at Director of Marketing. Segmenting and targeting were the two techniques he enacted, with each breeding substantial prosperity for Banco Bradesco.

Come 2009, Luiz Carlos Trabuco Cappi was now on Banco Bradesco’s executive team, proudly serving as their Chief Executive Officer. During this juncture, Banco Bradesco’s competitor was becoming increasingly prevalent, rendering Banco Bradesco’s services secondary. Fortunately, Cappi bought out the Brazilian portion of HSBC Personal Banking, allowing Banco Bradesco to thrive once again. As a man who’d gone great lengths to ensure that Banco Bradesco never went belly-up, it only makes sense he was appointed the president when Lazaro Brandao stepped down in 2017.

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Ara Chackerina’s Philanthropy and Success in Healthcare Investing

Ara Chackerian is an angel investor who has gained recognition all around the world over the past several years. He investments involve finding healthcare companies that are just emerging into the industry and helping these companies succeed. When it comes to why Ara Chackerian has become so successful, the investor has given a lot of credit to his upbringing. He believes that growing up with encouragement to explore his ideas was instrumental in the man he eventually became. Chackerian also attributes much of his success to being willing to go after new experiences in the world.


Ara Chackerian has racked up a significant amount of experience when it comes to building and running companies involved in providing healthcare services. Mr. Chackerian once said in an interview that one of his biggest strengths is the ability to completely immerse himself in his goals, which allows him to focus on his vision, as well as strategies that can help him achieve it. Chackerian graduated from Florida State University with a degree in Marketing and Business Management. He also emphasizes the importance of strong partnerships an appreciating each member’s unique talents and skills. Check out



TMS Health Solutions, of which Ara Chackerian is the co-founder, is a healthcare company that works to provide individuals with metal illnesses the services that they need. Additionally, he is also the co-founder of BMC Diagnostics, a company focused on diagnostic imaging services. Chackerian has also served as PipelineRx’s Executive Chairman and PSS/World Medical’s Executive Vice President after co-founding both of these companies as well. PipelineRx is a Telepharmacy service provider, while PSS/World Medical is an international distributor of medical products. You can visit their page.


In addition to his success in investing, Ara Chackerian has also made large efforts with regards to philanthropy. He and his wife have founded and supported a number of non-profits. Mostly, these organizations focus of youth development and improving education. Their efforts have helped American, Armenian and Nicaraguan communities.



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